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Archives du mois deSeptember 2013

Gonzo | Dirty Mind III

The night moves forward, its shadow nibbling the back alleys and the people. In this curve I settle down, calm but anxiously aware of the slightest noises. Behind me, Steve Bug is nervously pounding a synthetic bass, and says the time has come. Time for what? Nothing ever happens, in the end. We’re always waiting […]

The Cream Of the Male

Les fleurs du mâle (punned after the book by Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil, and the consonance between mâle, male, and mal, evil) is the masculine response to the gorgeous and naked chicks’ tumblrs that flourish on our timelines. Same style, same editorial policy: polished pictures, natural and spontaneous, moving, sexy, nice butts… Only pecs […]

September 2013: Audrey

Born: 1986 City: Lille (France) What was your first erotic memory? Encrypted porn movies on french cable network, Canal+. There was something really exciting in the pixelated look of the images and in the altered sounds. What was your first pornographic movie? I was around eleven and it was a VHS tape hidden in my […]

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