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July 2011: Angélique



Your first encounter with porn?
When I was 15, a friend of mine lent me a  music CD that also included a porn movie. At first I was shocked but when i thought about it later, it turned me on. It was a scene featuring Jenna Jameson.

Your meetings with porn?
When I had the time, I used to focus on pictures, now I prefer gonzo, once a week. In the end I usually do without it.

On what medium do you watch it?
Through tubes, Pornhub above all.

And do you watch french porn?
No. And frankly speaking, I doubt it could change.

How did you discovered the Tag Parfait?
On Twitter. In May 2010, @loichrechi retweeted one of your articles.

Your favorite tags?
Anal and Orgy ! When there’s more than 3 people, then it’s for me!

Your favorite actresses?
Stoya! I even copied her nipples piercings. Sasha Grey. When it comes to men, Manuel Ferrara obviously.

If you had to shoot a perfect porn, what would you change?
I would change the script, I would focus foreplays on the girl. To sum up, we would see more pussies than cocks and penetration would not be compulsory (or wouldn’t always involve cocks).

And at last, what would you pick up for the soundtrack?
I’m a little bit into electro, things such as Vitalic, or some dubstep.

© Photo by Louis Canadas

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