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October 2013: Nicolas



Paris (France)

What was the first picture that turned you on?
I am not sure. Either a picture in Penthouse magazine, beach series, a close-up on a beautiful tanned pussy with shell necklaces through which you could see beautiful coral coloured labias… Or the explicit cartoons of Reiser… Whatever a child could find lying around in the eighties…

Do you remember the first sexual thing you saw online?
Possibly someone behind their webcam, somewhere in 1996.

The first porn movie you saw?
I can’t really remember what the very first was, but it was on that French TV channel that broadcasted a porn movie every first saturday night of the month at midnight. The movies featured girls like Anita Blond and Erika Bella, do those names ring a bell?

What tags do you use?
#bukkake #gangbang #tagteam #outdoor #internal #creampie #friendlyfire #spy …

I like multiple players games, you must have gathered. But I am more into intuitive navigation…

Has a male actor made a big impression on you?
Hakan Serbes, most definitely. He’s a German porn star, he’s been working since the mid-nineties, with everybody, in every country.

I find the great thing about him is his way to look free and perfectly happy to be here, the intensity and simplicity he adds to all the scenes he’s in, no matter wether it’s a peplum or a gonzo… My favorite video of all times is called Face Dance Obsession, and it features him, Nacho Vidal, and the incredible Daniella Rush. I always make a big mess of myself watching them fuck.

I have never seen a porn movie with someone wearing dreadlocks, either girl or guy, what do you think explains that?
Are you sure? Not even Lex at some point? Does Fuck For Forest count? I must have looked up that tag and found something, otherwise I would have taken offense. Why are dreads not seen in porn? Well porn still abides by the rules of the market and operates a normalisation of what it shows.

It’s funny though, I find hair is very erotic (I don’t know how long I’ve been following you, but I’m sure I told you how ovely your curly blond hair as straight away) but tags don’t really show that. I’m sure there must be fans of #blowdrymessups out there. Maybe I haven’t been looking hard enough, let me know if you find something.

For some reason trolls are rarely seen on tubes. Do you think porn and it’s endless collection of fantasies are like a school of tolerance?
Maybe the younger people use tubes more like social networks, I don’t. I go straight to what I want to watch, without having to log on, and once I’ve seen it all then bye bye. But hey, I’m not surprised there’s a good atmosphere, every body is cool once they’ve fapped.

Porn as a school of tolerance?
I would love to say yes it is, porn is just like sex, our inner animal unleashed in a non codified space where to encounter others, pleasure, and so on.

Well, porn remains a business and probably tends to normalise contents…

Is porn always better with a spliff?
As far as I am concerned I enjoy both, either together or separately. It’s actually pretty rare that I roll a spliff before watching porn. Unless of course I am in a marathon, you know, fap then spilff then fap then spliff, and so on…

What truly matters is that one should be able to make a knowledgeable decision and be free to enjoy their body.

I feel bi porn doesn’t really satisfy anybody, what do you think?
I feel the word bi doesn’t satisfy anybody, at least not me, and that trying to put it in images is very tricky.
When I’m asked to describe myself as either straight, gay or bi, I reluctantly go for bi, but it doesn’t say much about the way I see things. It says something like “works with guys and girls” but doesn’t really say how, when there are so many hows. Maybe I haven’t seen enough bi movies, but I’ve always felt actors and actresses didn’t act very naturally, that there was very little eroticism.

On the other hand, I find nothing more exciting than two guys smiling at each other when they’re both getting sucked by a lovely lady friend.

Now on to the silly question, getting one’s cock pierced must hurt right?
It doesn’t and it heals really fast. I have a passion for piercings in general and for genital piercings in particular. I find them very nice to look at and to play with. I’ve made this passion my job. Again what matters is to have all the necessary information before you make up your mind and to find the right person, who will make your experience of piercing the best as possible in the safest environment. Did you want an address?

You’re 15 years older than our average reader. Do you feel there is a difference in the way you and younger people deal with porn?
The comparative question, you little thief! And to tell me those kids are 21? Bitch! And it’s very difficult one. What must be different is that kids are able to access porn younger than I probably did. And I’m sure I would have enjoyed being able to watch all that sooner, but then again I would not have known the beauty of babes on shiny paper… And as far as dealing with porn goes, I don’t feel there’s a particular difference between younger people and me.

Why did you want to be Le Parfait?
I do like Le Tag and I wanted to contribute in some way. Having my picture taken naked is a way to say I feel free, maybe not to eat stuff that’s not GMO, but at least to have the face I have, and to use my cock and my lungs the way I want. And it really wasn’t a challenge, I mean I was butt naked before you even unlocked your smartphone.

Shot by © Guilhem Malissen

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