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The Will To Love: Ana Foxxx

I approach tubes with an intense passion. Sometimes we hold hands as if nothing could harm us, other times I feel like dumping them and crack the Konami code of my credit card to subscribe to all the paying sites in the world. Sometimes I love you, sometimes you make me blue, we shall stand by one another to the very end, I ratified that with the tip of my dick on the bark of the web.

Until the Netflixs of porn keep their promises of a reasonable subscription price granting open and unlimited access to all things shot and produced, we get by with what is at hand. Today, it’s Youporn I’d love to hug, softly kiss on the forehead, and fall asleep ass-to-ass with. The reason is simple: since they launched their Content Partner Program, in 2010, the offer provided by their official channels has been growing steadily, and quite surprisingly kept slightly on the fringe of their communications and PR. Yet studios over there often are very open-handed and won’t settle for the mere three-minute videos that are killing the other tubes.
Such is the case with HD-POV we told you about when it launched the freaky nice ten-minute high quality video. The compulsive POV consumer I am isn’t totally in sync with their productions I often find a bit cold and distant – some lack of dirtiness, I guess – except the following video features my girl, Ana Foxxx.

You know Stoya and I are history, we split up some time ago. She left with James Deen. I let her write her super brainy papers for Vice magazine out of my radar. I still do think of her, our first times, when we loved each other and nothing could come between us. But then she quickly wound me up, looking down her nose at everything. That’s a lie. I’m still in love with her, but I’m trying to move on, and forget her pearly complexion.

So the stand-in is Ana Foxxx, who would only need to read Linkedin profiles aloud to me to have me come. No need for too much action in the end, she must only exist, be, if possible under a nice light to better show her Kaa eyes. This video isn’t a good fap because of what she gives off (it’s not Ana’s charisma that stands out the most), but because of what she procures: the will to love.

Video courtesy of YouPorn:



Tags: #ebony, #pov, #anafoxxx
Note: 94% (fappers ain’t cheaters)
Best comment: … 1:31 Ana says « Come play with my pussy baby » Ok Ana… I’m peeling apart your gorgeous jet black love-lips and I can see deep inside your tight hot, juicy, bright pink, pussy-hole with its sexy ridged vagina walls and that incredibly tight fleshy entrance…I’m fingerin you deep, lickin your slippery slit, and sucking out all your musky ebony juices before slipping my rock hard cock inside and pounding your quim-tube hard, rasping over those juice filled ridges, until I can’t hold back, squirting my load deep inside your creamy cunt… Aaah bliss!!

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