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Grapefuit Me: The Sound and the Fury

Have you ever heard about No? Shame on you! But it’s ok, ignorance is not a crime (yet) and I must admit that I was the same as you guys a few hours ago. It’s a website made by Angel, a lovely Milf-ish lady from Chicago that claims to be an intimacy expert. She wants to helps women realizing their potential in private intercourses. And through various books and videos, where she gives lessons on the art of fellatio and unleash the inner sex-beast sleeping in you, she is helping numerous couple all over america. She even featured on in a video with +6 million views! Her secret: “creativity” and “sexual communication”.

Are You Ready?

Are You Ready?

One of the most noticeable trick of Angel’s oral techniques is available for free in a very graphic and soundful video that explains you how to use grapefruits in your oral sex life. Learn how to “grapfruit” someone and to enhance the experience, don’t even look straight at the video just let yourself go with the divine Angel’s voice.

You will be able to live the gross dream of an imaginationless couple on the decline, with a sensible and amazing pinnacle at 2 minutes and 49 seconds. I leave you guys with the sound and the fury.

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Now, if you want to “grapefruit” your partner, the imitation of this bestial sound is mandatory. Also, check out the safe sex video, we will never say it enough: protection FIRST!

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