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Efukt: Just Tha Tip

Efukt’s website is self-described as “adult humor for adults”, and we could even add “…and adulterer”. Again today, they share with us a precious moment of the pornographic history . You can imagine how deep and lovely this is going to be, innit? All is in the subtle dialogue exchanged in between the cute Remy Lacroix and the cock monster Shane Diesel. We give you: Just Tha Tip.


Please, please…

Just Tha Tip” shows you there are many ways for two people to start a sexual intercourse. You can do the classic outdated oral preliminaries or just go for a trio menu with “stick your pinky in your asshole” followed by “stick the end of your finger in my cock” and “stick it in my mouth“. Communication is a key in sex and, from ass to urethra to mouth: we have a full circle.

Life is a matter of choice. But, the hesitating Remy just throws in your face a perennial post-modern question: That’s so fuckin sexy? Then, to trigger your reflection, Efukt gives you a fabulous music video “The World is Burning Let’s Masturbate” interpreted by David Hoyle. A hymn to joy for your solitary pollution sessions.

If you are not able to have a decent weekend after all this shit, you a real party pooper.


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