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Gifs Of The Week #23

It’s a nice and almost very sunny Sunday outside, but I’d rather doze before my dashboard and keep a watch on the newly hatched gifs popping up on my screen. I meant to say this week’s selection is placed under the label of cuddling, but turns out Britney S and Momoko’s gif truly is my […]

Grapefuit Me: The Sound and the Fury

Have you ever heard about No? Shame on you! But it’s ok, ignorance is not a crime (yet) and I must admit that I was the same as you guys a few hours ago. It’s a website made by Angel, a lovely Milf-ish lady from Chicago that claims to be an intimacy expert. She wants […]

Pornhub Creative Director Contest: The Final

Two month ago Pornhub launched an online contest to find a new Creative Director for their brand. For the competition, people were aim to submit original ads designs and concepts for an SFW Pornhub’s national campaign. A none pornographic ad for a pornographic website: SMART. This cool G-Rated initiative is one among other clever “all public” […]

Gifs Of The Week #22

About ten days ago, Tumblr started to worry about the mobile version of our little babies. So, we can now change the aspect of our blogs through the mobile application, only… not that much. Apart from a cover image and a subtly colorful background, everybody gets lumbered with the same lame basic timeline, with infinite […]

No Regret: Use a Condom

No Regret is the new message from Love Life, a national Swiss campaign for STD’s prevention and information. After Safe Sex and Make Love, they try to put ahead a simple message within a thoughtful manifesto: I love my life. I live to the full I love my body. That’s why I protect it I […]

Singin' in the Brain

After the sweet sessions of  “Hysterical Literature” where girls were trying to read some passages of books while they were stimulated by a vibrator. We realized that it was very hard reading aloud while having an orgasm coming. And some people realized that literature was arousing as fuck. Oh dear Stoya, read me more stories… […]

Oldie but Goodie: Russ Meyer Girls

The legend says that Russ Meyer lost his virginity in a French Brothel with a large breasted lady (during WWII). This was a gift from Ernest Hemingway, who offered a lady to Russ when he discovered he was still a pristin boy. We can  guess this event marked forever the young Meyer and possibly trigged […]

Miley Cyrus: Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied is the last video of Miley Cyrus. Dropped yesterday on the excellent Nowness website, it is not an official video music, but a part of a video-projection from Miley’s sulfuric Bangerz tour. Created by the very fashionable and geometrical master Quentin Jones, this arty film shows a soft BDSM Miley in a very […]

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