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Girls Are On Earth to Make Love

It is complicated to work in the porn business and watch all those girls strut across your screen without ever being able to touch them. Future is not close enough to be reached, and the screen remains this terrible and impassable barrier.

At Le Tag Parfait, when frustration settles in, we are more likely to clench our Sponge Bob mug than to jump through the window like Nicky Larson to express our longing. This agonizing but terribly delicious tension will from now on go with a special soundtrack, named after the French Singer Charlotte Leslie title “Les Filles C’est Fait Pour Faire L’Amour” (Girls Are on Earth to Make Love), because nature has its ways.

This compilation is to be listened to in order (there is a logic in terms of styles you would be well advised to respect unless you like being caught by surprise) and with a hand in your briefs, to fantasize about those singers from the past who flippantly lean on the lewd side of vice; auditive porn, a journey through eargasm, good old sound fappers. Lean back and enjoy, White Russian in hand, mules at your feet, robe gaping to reveal your growing virility. If you are a girl, it works too, especially if you wear some of those tiny boy shorts.

Deezer version available here.

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