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Cindy Gallop: Pro #realworldsex

We first met the businesswoman Cindy Gallop last year in her ‘black apartment’, in NYC. At this time, MakeLoveNotPorn.TV was a secret project under construction. Now it is a video platform with a noble goal: showing the ‘real sex’, liberated from porn influence, more human, more opened to women… The approach may seem naive, it […]

Suspension Bondage, Risky Practice

There are many risks around in every day’s life. Obviously, in Porn they exist too and within the bondage they can become kinda worrisome. When you fasten your girlfriend (or she fastens you) to the ceiling for a suspension bondage session, you need to be careful about the security and you should be prepared for […]

TS Madison, Undies’ AK-47

Shemales are a big trend right now in the Pornscape. An upcoming article from Gonzo will be published soon here to talk in deep about the growing importance of the phenomenon. Meanwhile we are introducing to you the craziest American transsexual in the place: TS Madison. If you dig into TS Madion’s universe, be prepared […]

Reddit: ConfusedBoners

I wonder what would be a day without a Reddit slacking routine at work. As far as I can think, I guess it would be super boring or it would be very productive. Who knows!? Lately discovered on Reddit: ConfusedBoners. As mentioned in the title, it’s all about the feeling of confusion and the fact of […]

Bobbi Starr, the Ultimate Porn Star

I certainly won’t take part in any Porn Idol jury. I let others carry that frustrating quest and suffer the debilitating horde of deadpan teens, junk starlets, and all those who think it only takes fucking in front of a camera and making faces to have our pricks rise up to the sky. I replaced […]

Burlington: Can You Sock Me?

After a very cool commercial produced last year for Burlington’s brand. Where we can spot a naked bearded man, insulting your taste while saying he’s proud of wearing authentic Burlington’s socks. The French agency Pain Surprises, is striking again with a little 38 seconds video-bomb. The pitch is very simple, it’s all about perfection and […]

Gifs Of the Week #2

I succumbed to the trap of autumn and its oh-too-clement-to-last temperatures. That’s why I ended up scrolling gifs undercover, literally, with a tissue box that began to empty dangerously. Now I know my cute little muzzle shelters a very substantial amount of mucus desperately wanting to see the light. Fortunately, I only needed to stretch […]

A Sextoy into Space > Sandra Bullock

Someone named “SpaceGuy” had the fabulous idea to send the first ever Sextoy in the space. Unless the NASA is hiding us some information on how they are curing the loneliness of the Asstronauts during their journey in the space (Wikileaks, please tell us!) SpaceGuy simply attached a glorious black dildo to a structure with […]

Disclosure – You & Me (Flume Remix)

A while ago, we gave a ring to the guys from Disclosure because we though their music was sexual as fuck (or sensual, depending on how many drinks you had before). But the two associates, even if they are obviously in a post-adolescence’s phase logically crowned of infinite fap-sessions, didn’t really answer to our questions. […]

BrWax, A Fresh Look At Brazil

BrWax, a Tumblr born in 2010, allows following the evolution of a Brazilian passionate about photography and pretty girls. BrWax stands for Brazilian Wax – clear and accurate. Coming from the field of board sports, whether liquid or bituminous, Haruo Kaneko shows his pictures between various reblogs, always in a festive and mostly nighttime atmosphere. […]

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Boobsroulette, And Take A Break Between Her Breasts

TheWorstDrug is a fabulous website displaying full-screen porn gifs related to videos you can then watch – a different comprehension of the coffee break, surfing from your keyboard. The site is doing so good it had the honor to end up on Techcrunch last May, a nice tour de force for a porn start-up yielding […]

Spring Breakers XXX In Progress

Le Tag Parfait is a dedicated 24/7 service delivering you the very best of the Adult world’s fresh news. Yesterday, our gold diggers struck again with a tasty good one. We find out that a XXX parody of the big Hollywood hit Spring Breakers is actually in progress. It is apparently a Digital Playground production, directed […]

Orange Is the New Black

It’s a trend, whether Eric Cartman likes it or not, Ron Howard is not anymore the only Ginger’s pride in the hood, we are in a red-wave and it spreads everywhere on your screens. #RedPower #BetterRedThanDead Ginger Girls: I LOVE YOU… Despite the facts they have no soul or they are most likely Witches, I’ve […]

Sasha Grey: "Mommy porn is the most ridiculous catchphrase ever"

Erotic literature enjoys unprecedented exhibition these days. The phenomenal success of 50 Shades of Grey was the trigger which enabled the literary eroticism to come out of its Inferno. Exit the cruel time when those who dared to combine sex and literature were thrown into prison without even being tried. Behind this sudden passion for […]

Girls Are On Earth to Make Love

It is complicated to work in the porn business and watch all those girls strut across your screen without ever being able to touch them. Future is not close enough to be reached, and the screen remains this terrible and impassable barrier. At Le Tag Parfait, when frustration settles in, we are more likely to […]

Miley Cyrus: Million Dollar Baby!

This week we’ve seen a pretty cool proposal done to Miley Cyrus. GameLink offered her one million dollar to direct her own porn flick (without any word backs from the concerned). About Miley Unless you live somewhere lost in the time (lucky you!), everyone has seen recently that the ex-Disney kid’s idol has finally been through her […]

Google Glass Porn: First NSFW video

The XBiz 360 will take place in Hollywood from 22th to 25th of January. During this major American Porn industry’s event, various award’s ceremony, conferences and business opportunities will take place in a luxury hotel, but one of the pinnacle of the event will be around the two founders of a company called MiKandi. Indeed, […]

Gifs Of the Week #1

Resumption chucked me into bed for the whole weekend. I’ll keep a fond memory of my pilgrimage to the last Tag Parfait Fap Club party, where Peter & Steven slipped in a few gifs that could easily have been given the pride of place in this column. I dug Internet to find this week’s selection, […]

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