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Gifs Of The Week #39

Shame on you Spring! At first you gave us a glorious sun and you took it back right away, spreading infinite grey shades in the skies. You left us pretty gloomy and of-guard.

At least, there’s no season on Tumblr. There are only some sporadic events punctuating your dashboard with the flow of the reblogs. I enjoy it. It’s a steady climate, at a pinch monotonous but it goes with the warm feeling of an endless lethargic joy. Scrolling is like experiencing ataraxia. Life is enjoyable over there, luminous, a temperature of 21 degree celsius, where the Gifs feel like a light breeze accentuating the mildness of the sun rays.

The warm winds were good to us and brought me Jessi Gold, Penny Max and Ashlyn Molloy, without forgetting the hot Stoya.


Only two girls: one brunette and one blonde. I didn’t quite count the possibilities it offers, but this gif is giving us a good clue. According to your mood, you could inquire further or just be happy with the Gif.

Jessi Gold and Krystal, Beside You, Babes


The last Four Chambers is a delight for the eyes. This time we can admire the cam star couple Moth & Rust and we feel like spying them. You can take a look with the hand in your pants or not.

Moth and Rust, Espial, Four Chambers


This zoom-in is shitty. Thank God, it quickly hides the awful square-patterns carpet and we are live in the action.

Ashlyn Molloy, Hot Girl on Campus, Teen Fidelity

Recently, we’ve been talking a lot about Stoya’s comeback and we won’t stop after such a good start. Also, I had to put her at least one time in my column. The Gifs Of The Week without Stoya is like a cupcake without frosting, or a pizza without cheese topping, it has little interest.

Stoya and Dana Vespoli, Fluid 3, Evil Angel


What the hell is this cellphone doing here? It’s not like if Penny Pax was in a position to write a text and her partner looks way too busy to make a call. Kinky them!

Penny Pax, The Submission of Emma Marx, New Sensations

Cover: Larsen Sotelo
Translated by Duff

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