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A guide for adult content creators

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, sex workers have been seriously impacted, not only by the lockdowns and social distancing, but also by the lack of governments’ emergency responses, and their exclusion from social and economic support schemes. Many sex workers have attempted to transition their work to online platforms, which has brought new risks and challenges to their activities.

Besides, as unemployment rates increased drastically due to lockdowns, more “civilians” got into online sex work and content creation:  according to Insider, OnlyFans reported a 75% increase in “model sign-ups” in early april. 

Trying to earn an income from online sex work, whether as a new-comer or someone transitioning from offline to online, can be hard to navigate: fears about privacy, the loss of support, the need to invest in equipment, and in learning to get tech-savvy are barriers to entry that content creators are sometimes struggling to overcome.

That is why we teamed up with a network of content creators (performers, creators, photographers…)  during a creative residency at Résidence Ardente, to come up with a guide to support adult content creators in these tough times.

This resource explores some of the options for online content creation, without endorsing any particular service. It provides many tips about branding, privacy, safety, testing, promotion, hosting platforms or payments.

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We encourage anyone using it to check out your local state/territory’s sex work laws and get in touch with your local sex worker organisation(s), along with sex workers’ support, mentoring and care networks.

If you wish to support our labor, donations will be gratefully received, and will be used to support future mutual aid projects :

Note: some links in this guide are affiliates links, meaning, if you sign up or purchase from a site via our links, we may receive a small commission. This does not change anything for you in terms of cost or future income and it allows us to support the magazine and mutual aid initiatives like this guide.

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