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Tribute Me, I'm Famous

There is a striking mise en abyme on some tubes; a tribute to the masturbatory material, to what’s behind the scenes, to personal branding in its most primary form. Filming while getting off – from this unlikely practice was born a magnificent tag, the less arousing you can find on the internet but one that takes more and more room on the tubes: #tribute.

From the top of its 39 000 videos, this tag rises into the air and hup, growing through-and-through the stratosphere, always going higher, challenging the limits – and us, as the Felix Baumgartner of fap, we will dive, take a deep breath of fresh air and jump off this tower of Babel to discover this universe where tributes goes (sticky) hand in (stinky) hand with a first-person perspective. YOLO!

Philippe Meste, a visionnary visual artist

#tribute is no new passing fancy – already in 1995, the French artist Philippe Meste ejaculated on ads in his series Aquarelle (“Watercolor”); an artistic homage to glazed paper as a masturbatory material; to teens surrounded by stars pinned on the walls above them, feeding their imagination until the great ejaculation, physical or mental. Cum or rockets it launches are to him “media of communication There are the media between oneself and his goal or his desire” – with cum as a material, the fruit of pleasure, purpose of the cycle of desire.

In another work, Miroir (“Mirror”), he changed the material, chose a different target, because “with mirrors, the “target” becomes infinite, active in the future. I find it to be a good reflection of the current situation”.

Aquarelle - Philippe Meste

Aquarelle – Philippe Meste

Philippe Meste - Miroir

Miroir – Philippe Meste

It is unlikely that #tribute amateurs think to Philippe Meste when launching their lil missiles to sign their girl in their very own way – they might think though to their teen years, to stained and stinky pages of magazines, to these masturbatory materials of the early days that filled with their bleached fragrance locked bedrooms. Let’s spare an affectionate thought for Sears or Freemans catalogues, ads for soft porn CD-ROMs and other relics from the past: our faps are dedicated to you. Let’s observe a minute of silence for them – Amen.

Because if most guys are coming in tissues (or in a Tenga), how many of them enjoy the freedom to wad into the air, to hurl their protein shake around them, in their hands, in their mouth, on the edge of a toilet pan and -why not?- on a sheet or on a tablet? Tender jizz, fleeting production of pleasure, we’d like to be sweet – some baking could be done.


Ceremony of Tribute

Big ups and downs – the story of #tribute

Hard to tell who was the first to embark on the #tribute adventure – one would fuzzily remember a tumblr showing some stars “jizzed on” (actually, it was paint) in the style of Philippe Meste a few years ago. No doubt that the idea was collective and that it ain’t nobody’s own creation – and that it arose from boredom: taking pictures or films of the fleeting creation of a fap is the expression of the galloping imagination of men when they are alone with their cock in hand (I can account about this, but my father reads this so we will do without).

This tag made its first appearance on gay-friendly tubes like Xtubes and Xhamster, tubes whose contents are less hetero-normalized than those of Xvideos or Youporn. But then, #tribute was referring to compilations of forgotten porn stars – but it’s another form of tribute, one which ain’t our matter here. We should stop mixing up tags, it’s stressful.

At the beginning, #tribute was a tag you typed out of curiosity, but it grew until becoming intrusive, to the extent of bumping into it every time you go on the World Wild Web, like some annoying dude you see in your neighborhood without knowing him. He shows up when you are looking for some shaddy tags, he is waiting for you on the homepage, says hi with the tip of his glans after a unfortunate suggestion. He is there, this bad fapper, embarrassing but harmless.

Often classified in the rag-bag category “men”, a category that should be dissociated from #gay (here, we are in the kingdom of exhib, where #homemade is the king and where women are honored…), #tribute lovers rub shoulders with mates pushing in small or big objects in their butts, lonesome fappers, adventurers of prostate and exhibitionists looking for fun and thrills. Even if this videos have been existing for ages, they are growing in importance as the tubes are becoming social. Gone are the days when you uploaded your own little video of anal performing in the most complete anonymity (before attracting the wrath of the fappers), let’s make way for social profiles, sharing, walls, direct messages, tube stars and their community.

Please note that no girl has ever squirted to pay tribute to our dicks – what a pity, even if I doubt this to be arousing at last. Well, you can always picture yourself the scene by searching for “squirting” and “solo” (or “cam”).



Tribute me I’m famous

#tribute is more than a simple narcissistic homage to his own cock or -involuntary- to the mise en abyme of his deed, it’s above all a proof of love and respect of for the other. Because if the tributor (let’s invent words!) enjoys to cum on porn stars, anonymous pussies or keepsakes from fuck buddies, he is also there to pay tribute to the narcissism of the others. That’s how were born the expressions “tribute me” or “tribute on my…” let on the walls of these stars whose (nice) dick is the only thing we know about them.

Sperm becomes an offering, a proof of love, stronger than a RT or a fav on Twitter, it’s the proof that, yes, Sonia, man or woman of Kansas (we don’t know who you really are – false profiles are legion), your image is arousing enough to satisfy a man holding his cell with one hand, his cock in the other one, power fapping nonchalantly in record time (less than two minutes – that’s right, dude!), letting agleam sperm drops falling at random on your cheek, your hair or out of the image (sadness…). Hero of modern porn, tributor, you come over faces of people who enjoy being your sticky muses -or maybe not – but looks like it might be the true purpose of these tributes. Do we dare to believe it?

Onanism as a triumphant banner

Brought out of anonymity by their proliferation -and not by their audience often tiny-, tributors are soldiers, they cum over everything, they are all heart and heat, always giving a hand to… their own dicks. Russian doll of fap, infernal meme, tributors are the mirror of our masturbation, except that they are sufficiently proud of it to film themselves performing their lonely pleasure – surely the less arousing videos on porn tubes ever. A promising fap can turn that quickly into a crappy fap – we progressively come closer to quantum porn. From that glorified loneliness burst out huge questions, of which the first would be a big “Why?”.

I'm a poor lonesome cowboy

I’m a poor lonesome cowboy

Physical performance? Artistical performance? Expression of the ability to concentrate on any material? Genuine tribute? Deep boredom? #tribute is a curious little island willing to bond with the shore of great porn. It’s the glorified loneliness in the infinite space of the internet, a mise en abyme two wrists away from a gigantic black hole.

Creep show, freak show, cum show, cam show… Playing tag with tags puzzles you – it might be the time to question tags and to offer new materials over which coming: friends or foes, Sarah Palin or John Edwards, challenges to take up, improbable faps and impossible ones. Soldier of sperm, stand up and fight – millions of orgasms are waiting for you. GoPro on your face, surf liters of cum on the miles of paper or thousand screens, #tribute is your kingdom, #tribute is your freedom. Go through red thumbs (or a poor star rating), rebound on comments, take out your dick, fap, fap and fap again in the vastness of the area of possibles and aim high – sky is the limit. Let there be light!

Originally translated from this post by Gaspard Motet

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