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Archives du mois deNovember 2014

VirtualRealPorn: The Future Of Porn Will Be Virtual

At Le Tag Parfait, we see porn pragmatically. It’s just an excellent masturbatory support. With virtual reality, this support becomes a sensory porn experience and takes the viewer to a stunning realism. For now, few people are involved, except for VirtualRealPorn that offers content that is compatible with all helmets in the market even if the market doesn’t exist […]

Carpenter Brut: "Some metalheads cry while listening to Tears For Fears"

It’s getting rare that I love a new artist. Being old in a sad environment makes me truly appreciate when a new and fresh discovery comes to my dull ears. Carpenter Brut is one of them. Smartly combining dark visuals from various influences (Satanism, Lovecraft, slasher movies…) with a powerful 80’s style electro music, Carpenter Brut and […]

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