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A Little Kidness In This Hard, Hard World

Sometimes, in this coarse life of mine haunted by stress, pain, nihilistic anxiety and violent pictures, I need to do take break. This, to breathe and find back some sweetness in my existence. Eventually, if my life could be as sweet as my dreams it would be cool and pretty beautiful: soft, sweet, sexy, silky, smooth.


Yeah, unreal, unless you gulp down the right pill. But artificial paradises are not a solution to all our trouble. Tho, I can’t help wondering what would become my dreams if my life was like them?


I could take a day-off, make a vegan lunch box and ride my fantastic fixie bike to escape the city-life. My waxed mustache in the wind, I would rip through the air like a speed ball without giving a shit about the red lights. Sweating my plaid shirt like a pig, I would make a stop at my favorite coffee shop to grab a fine strong ristretto and a fresh San-Pelegrino bottle (that would go directly in my superb Herschel bag!). After a certain time, I would find a greenish park with some public WiFi where I could Instagram my life and check my Facebook, barefoot on the lovely grass field. While, through my 600$ headphones, some indie-pop-post-country-grass-shoegaze music would play, I would smile to life starring at the sun with my vintage sunglasses and I would my credit card on the American Apparel online shop. What a LIFE! But I’m not a fucking Hipster.


I could do a wake and bake morning. Then, slowly moving outside, I would start gardening my tomatoes in my yard. This would be a chillax sunny day and I would enjoy what mother-heart is giving to me while, later in the afternoon, ridding my Volkswagen van I would put an old Creedance Clearwater tape in my car stereo. But I’m not a fucking Hippie.


For once, in a resignation gesture to live a sweet life, I could try to stay positive and find goodness or amazement in every single action of my day. Like a disturbed happy kid or a voluble 16 y.o girl, I would live in a schizophrenic state where I could be simultaneously every dwarfs of Snow Withe. No way Punk! It’s creepy and even if “it’s a small world” we swim in, I don’t live in a Disney flick.


Ultimately, I could watch dozen of cute kitten pictures, share them, answer to pointless email chains and make the good around me by liking the cheesiest status I can find on Facebook. Too bad, I’m not my dear and lonely lady-cat auntie from Canada.


Projecting myself in these thought is stressing me much more than the coarse shape of my day to day life. In the vise of my unease and habits, I wonder if Porn could save me one more time. There, to remains me two things to find a soft comfort in a pleasure: Food or Porn. I can’t do much food because it’s soon summer and I want to be a Greek God in my mankini during my Ibiza vacation. So it will be Porn again… After all, Porn could be here in my life to make my Hedonism balance being positive on the pleasure’s side.


Let’s slide on the sweet side of the Porn. I needed something with a real feeling, perhaps a lesbian scene coming from a production like X-Art, Met Art, PornFidelity or so. Then, when I saw Celeste Star, Elle Alexandra and Malena Morgan on a same video, I knew we could have a hit. It’s soft, tender, passionate with a certain erotic tension. We’ve got a good natural impression, it’s well shots and the closeups are quite cool.

Video Courtesy of Pornhub:


Tags: #Babe, #Lesbian, #Pornstar, #Closeup, #FemaleFriendly, #Threesome
Grade: 94% (3384 votes)
Best comment: Oh my sweet jaysus, cover me in honey and throw me to them…

At Le Tag Parfait we keep spoiling you, because it’s a love affair in between you and us. Isn’t it?  So, today we came with a second fine lesbian love video that we found on Nubile’s page as well.

Tags: #Babe, #Lesbian, #Pornstar, #Closeup, #Orgasm, #Threesome
Grade: 93% (780 votes)
Best comment: my first video on pornhub…

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