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Gifs Of The Week #9

Once I’m done with my daily tumblr watch routine, I go hanging around the other Internet. Watching Lana Del Rey’s “Tropico” on Friday night certainly was my biggest mistake of the week. You’ve got all the tumblr culture in there: unicorns, Jesus, booty-shake, tattooed tears and albinos. Twenty-seven looong minutes, without any reference, or guiding […]

Mok-Bang: Korean Diner Porn

The greetings season continues! In our modern era, Christmas is focussed on two things: A fat red-clothed version of Gandalf and some endless diners with friends and family. It is a true food orgy: Oysters, lobster, stuffed meat, fish, pudding, chocolate, fudge, brown sugar pound cake with caramel glaze and many other deliciousness. We get […]

German Anal, Finger Heart

At Le Tag Parfait’s very source, a long, long time ago, lay an observation: as far as anal (only in french, ed)  was concerned, the Germans knew one thing or two we obviously didn’t, especially when it came to homemade. How many of you learned their language through YouPorn? And did you know that it was precisely […]

Gifs Of The Week #8

Sometimes Internet makes you search hard. It’s a shame, but you have to deal with it. To find good gifs, nice chicks, nice guys, dicks, tits, pussies (and I’ll stop there or else the list will never end), you need to look deeper into it. It’s like when you rummage through the Web for an […]

Robin: Auditioning Love

Annoyers pass your way! This Fap Parfait includes several terms that could scare off the most sensitive souls among you: urchin cut, dreadlocks, pubic hair. As for the others, do stay, for what follows could well be one of the biggest successes of the genie hiding behind Net Video Girls. Robin is all about love, […]

Lexi Belle: Penthouse Pet of the Year 2014

Oh Lexi! You made our tiny hearts going up and down this year. After you announced you wanted to try a new life and you were retiring from the business last June, we were desperately seeking for news. We have been comprehensive, all things have an end and there are time in you life where […]

Lucky Bastard: Reality TV, Porn and Horror

Directed by Robert Nathan, Lucky Bastard is a found footage horror/thriller flick taking place in the infamous Porn industry. It’s the story of a young, nice and shy guy (Dave – Jay Paulson) who wins an online contest to fuck a Pornstar. “Lucky Bastard” is the name of the website running the contest. Shot like […]

The Land of the Free: Weirdest Sex Laws

Did you know? In Mississippi it’s illegal to teach others what polygamy is. Are you an outlaw in your sex life? Can you go in prison because of your legislature’s ignorance? Great question with no reasonable answer if you think you are living in a giant Sodom and Gomorrah (good old times). In the real Murica it’s different. […]

Fashion or Porn: The Game

So we go back again to the Fashion and Porn convergences subject. To me it has always looked simple. The Fashion industry needs to sell products. Sex sells. Porn is Sex, so Porn does the selling trick too (clever!). Luxe/Chic are kinda extreme in Fashion and are niches, so is Porn. You can therefore, logically, […]

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UK Pornwall: BT's Turn

David Cameron’s battle for online child protection continues to make its path in UK. After the two major internet service providers: Talk-Talk and Sky; it’s time for BT (British Telecom) to enable a filter aim to cut the access to legal pornography and other unsuitable subjects for children. It’s a kind of new age “Parental […]

Gifs Of The Week #7

As Internet’s weirdest deliriums slide before my eyes, I sometimes come to think it must end here and now. But then I get a grip, because you cuties are still sensitive human beings and the mere fact that I am no longer one doesn’t mean I shouldn’t preserve you a little. Except we would pretty […]

Lezley Zen, Keep Calm

Here at Le Tag Parfait, everyone is fighting his or her own corner. For instance Jizzkov cheers for the “sensitive” team, GrosMikko for the “performance” team and Guilhem for the “barely legal” team. Personally, I’m an all-time member of the “tension” team, when fiction takes reality by the hand and pulls it one level up. […]

Revenge Porn …And Justice For All

Good news everyone, one of the big revenge Porn mobster’s head has been cut. We’ve been talking a lot about the revenge Porn business lately, showing how this is a real dirty land, a BIG problem and we always though it was a disgusting coward practice. After the buzz created by California’s law on revenge Porn, […]

December 2013: Alex

Year 1995 City Paris (France) First picture/video that aroused you? Actually I didn’t really have one. Or maybe just a totally imaginary picture I had in mind, it’s a bit silly. When I was 14-15, I had this erotic dream, I was wearing a garter belt and I thought it was sublime. To be one’s […]

Efukt – VitalyzdTv Does Bang Bus

Efukt strikes again. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, the now famous Russian prankster from VitalyzdTV Youtube channel got caught up by his past. Efukt’s diggers found an interesting Bang Bus video. Owl cute!? Seems this was an easy one for Efukt team since the Wikipedia page (updated on 11/29/2013) was already giving all the informations: Just shortly after […]

Faye Reagan Is Back

You may know I’ve got a thing for ginger girls and the disappearance of my top ranked redhead was a true heart wound. She was last seen in a random Japanese Porn movie and I’ve had no real news since then. After drug problems and STD rumors issued on 4Chan, the restless ginger vanished like the […]

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