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Efukt – VitalyzdTv Does Bang Bus

Efukt strikes again. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, the now famous Russian prankster from VitalyzdTV Youtube channel got caught up by his past. Efukt’s diggers found an interesting Bang Bus video. Owl cute!? Seems this was an easy one for Efukt team since the Wikipedia page (updated on 11/29/2013) was already giving all the informations:

Just shortly after turning 18, Zdorovetskiy took part in a porn clip for the adult entertainment company Bang Bros in 2011. It was a video from the Bang Bus series, in which he and his friend starred together with pornographic actress Diamond Kitty. When interviewed by the University Press of Florida Atlantic University about his taking part in the video, Zdorovetskiy commented “I needed the money. You only live once, I am trying to do everything possible.”

Is Vitaly a random douche driven by video fame and ready to do anything to hit some views? Or is he a simple human being, considering that sharing is caring and able to show some emotions? This videokind of gives a clue:


Click to see the Efukt video!

Sometimes, porn doesn’t lie. Vitaly, we know it can be hard to get hard. Don’t be nervous. As long as you don’t cross the streams with your Bro, it’s OK…

You even got a proposal from YouPorn. Please think about it. It could generates more views and more buzz than with anything cheesy weird / misplaced / unnatural you could have done with a homeless guy.

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