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Lexi Belle Quits

Twitter’s awful news sliced most of us yesterday night: the lovable Lexi Belle is retiring. The last contact occurred with three tiny tweets and we are now in a total void… We don’t really know the reasons why she left.  It sounds like she has personal issue, but she doesn’t want to talk about it […]

Pornostagram: the Porn Social Network

Quentin Lechémia is an entrepreneur; blogger and creator of the My Band Market platform. He has just launched Pornostagram, a site that pretty much uses the principle of vintage photo filters, but bypasses Instagram’s censorship barrier. Beyond being a simple X version of Instagram, Pornostagram could become a real social network of porn. Therefore we […]

Lisa Sparks: "The tube sites have now killed porn"

Lisa Sparks (aka Lisa Sparxxx) is part of this generation of porn actresses that haunted our first 100GB hard drives. Her pulpy silhouette was already a welcome exception among the filiform Taylor Rain, Aurora Snow or Gauge. Lisa has now changed category, inexorably approaching curvy spheres far beyond the scope of my personal tastes in […]

Advertising and Porn: Another Handshake

This is a little earthquake in the sweet world of porn on the internet: a brand of “mainstream” products advertised on a porn site – and guess what? The web didn’t explode. Who’s to thank for it? The brand had the guts to praise the virtues of its socks on a brand new Canadian site […]

Teen BFF: the Ultimate Tag

Threesome. From the high of your love triangle, you look down on people’s sex life, spreading your shadow over the territory of achievements. It doesn’t matter in what order the letters are, Fs and Ms are mixing together into one marvelous tag. Threesome, I love you, threesome, sorrow takes hold of me when you’re away […]

Hanni El Khatib: Still In the Dirt

Hanni el Khatib is one of the last Californian rocker specimens: kind of honest, unlike some of his fellow being. After his first album Will The Guns Come Out, more garage than anything, he came back with a second album: Head In The Dirt. Bluesier than his first one, it was produced and recorded by […]

June 2013: Charlotte

Born: 1987 City: Paris (France) Last porn movie you watched? Frankly speaking, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a porn in its entirety, sometimes I would watch parts of it if my friends showed me or if I heard about something special, then I will take a quick look but that’s all. What are your […]

Gone Wild: Dishsoapbath

Today, a male GoneWilder, because not only women expose themselves and men are able to knock us off. As a proof, here is Dishsoapbath. I’ve caught him on Ladybonersgw subreddit, with his sea-blue coloured eyes, his hair I feel like stroking, and his ass I would like to munch. The boy hypnotizes me, when he […]

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