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June 2013: Charlotte

Charlotte Louis Canadas


Paris (France)

Last porn movie you watched?
Frankly speaking, I don’t think I’ve ever watched a porn in its entirety, sometimes I would watch parts of it if my friends showed me or if I heard about something special, then I will take a quick look but that’s all.

What are your tags?
Since I’m not an enthusiastic porn watcher, I think that I would start with names that are familiar to me, such as Jessie Andrews, Sasha Grey or Tori Black. To be honest, I don’t think I even know a male performer’s name

Why do you lurk on Le Tag although you barely watch porn?
I visit the website because it talks about porn in a different way, a little cleverer and less stereotyped, less brutal. In fact, it doesn’t feel like being on a porn website, it almost makes me want to discuss certain topics with my parents. Personally, it helped make porn less alarming for me; it’s even interesting for me now. Good job!

Which actor/actress does arouse you the more?
I don’t know many of them but I’ve met Jessie Andrews once and she’s so freaking hot.

What’s your opinion on « porn for women »?
I think it’s cool, especially for those who enjoy it. Women are more into sentiments than centimeters if you see what I mean, they want stories, nice things. It’s eroticism but more advanced, right? I am not familiar with it at all but I think that I would be bored after 5 minutes of watching. Porn has to be dirty, it has to blast in my opinion. To each her own taste, especially in porn!

Would it arouse you to sexcam with a guy?
Not really. If I need to be turned on by somebody I call my boyfriend. I can touch him, there’s no problem with the internet connection, no frustration and he does it pretty well.

What will porn be like in 10 years?
In 3D at the Max Linder movie theater at 2 PM. Fleshlights and dildos for everybody. Nice and tight.

The best song to date?
George Michael – I want your sex

And to get laid?
Madonna – Justify my love

Why do you want to become a Parfaite?
For the love of taking a risk.

Photo by © Louis Canadas

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