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December 2013: Alex



Paris (France)

First picture/video that aroused you?
Actually I didn’t really have one. Or maybe just a totally imaginary picture I had in mind, it’s a bit silly. When I was 14-15, I had this erotic dream, I was wearing a garter belt and I thought it was sublime.

To be one’s own excitatory material is quite nice indeed. So picture is not a masturbatory material for you?
No, it isn’t. It’s weird because I am sensitive to photography but there was never a connection at this level. There are a few exceptions such as Madonna’s Sexbook, some erotic stories and In The Realm of Senses.

Why did In The Realm of Senses touch you more than the rest?
I love Asian men; it’s really arousing for me. I love Asia in general. It deals with historical affinities rather than the current culture. When I first watched it at the age of 15, I fell in love for the main actor. I thought it was beautiful, very strong and very real. It inspired me for the rest of my sexual life.

So you don’t watch porn?
No, I don’t. I’m more sensitive to pornographic culture rather than porn. The background arouses me more than the actual video.

What would you blame on porn?
My sexual life didn’t start with masturbation so it changes a lot of things. I think it lacks realism and in gay porn ejaculations are ridiculous, overacted. I don’t feel close to those things, it doesn’t express the way I feel towards sex.

Even when it comes to sextapes?
Sextapes I shot with some guys are not necessarily exciting I must say.

You’re more into written stuff?
Writing is more inspiring because it appeals to your imagination; I’m no longer a member of the audience. I would fantasize on something a guy wrote about himself rather than on his picture even if what he wrote has nothing to do with him in the end.

You have a masturbatory relation to writing?
Yes, just a little as I said earlier, my relation to masturbation is distant because of my very early sexual life. When I feel lonely, I sit down and write stuff to get me excited. Masturbation is the last resort.

You must have a hyperactive sexual life to compensate…
Not as much as I would like it to be.

Why did you choose to become a Parfaite?
Nicolas told me about it, he’s my piercer, I trust him and here I am.

Shot by Keffer

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