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Lezley Zen, Keep Calm

Here at Le Tag Parfait, everyone is fighting his or her own corner. For instance Jizzkov cheers for the “sensitive” team, GrosMikko for the “performance” team and Guilhem for the “barely legal” team. Personally, I’m an all-time member of the “tension” team, when fiction takes reality by the hand and pulls it one level up. I always end up frozen and sunk in my seat, dick in my hand, my heart pounding; it freaks me out so I fap on as hard as I can to haul myself out of this trap.

I’ve always fantasized about my 9th grade English teacher; I can’t remember her name, but her smile still shines on my rare memories. Oh how I would have loved her giving detention to me on a Saturday morning! A tête-à-tête to mug up those irregular verbs of hers. Of course we wouldn’t have worked for real, hell no! She would have flattened me against the chalkboard and commanded me to shove my little head between her thighs. What a hell of a rodeo it would have been! Coming and going till death tear us apart. I kind of miss Junior High… Let’s type #teacher on Pornhub.

Within seconds, I find Lezley Zen playing the young cougar. Far from being clumsy when it comes to teasing, the brunette with fake boobs (it is allowed when you step out of the teens and girl-next-door circles) teaches at the Naughty America academy. The pupil is no other than James Deen at the beginning of his career, smart-ass smile and shitty clothes. Set is minimalist, no time or space for cheaters! The tension lasts 26 (twenty-six) minutes, enough to make your physician stutter. No, gonzo is not just disposable porn, it’s also adventure, fear, stress, love at first sight… It’s fap or die.

Oh my dearest Lezley… Your eyes, your hair, the way you look at the camera that would have every moviemaker howl to the moon, everything about you drives me crazy. Turn the screws on me, give me the jitters, and let’s finally reach that 14/9 on the clock!

Video courtesy of Pornhub:


Originally translated from this post by Ms. Alice

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  • C’est fou, je me branlais sur cette vidéo à l’époque du collège/lycée, je l’avais choppée sur kazaa en .wma à l’époque (d’ailleurs on peut voir que la qualité vidéo est tjrs bien dégueulasse, ça s’trouve c’est ce fichier là qui a été uploadé)

    On vieillit, mais la vidéo, elle, est toujours là. Sensation étrange. Allez, un ptit fap nostalgique.

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