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ODEI: Kumo

ODEI is a French band composed of three musicians: Biscay (drums), Hoarau (keyboards and vibraphone) and Matthys (synthesizers). Under the collective Moï Moï, they create a unique universe in between acoustic music and electronic improvisation. In the same vein as Aufgang or Zombie Zombie, they delivering to our ears some organic and sensual textures. Indeed, they might be one of the proof that music conservatories don’t produce only snobbish-autistic-elitist fellas; but also push people to become explorers of new sound’s territories. Their first opus Bat will be digitally available next month.

Kumo’s music video is directed by Victor Lech. He took Phil Holliday, Ian Scott, Leeloo and Rachel (French Porn figureheads) to play their own role on a Porn set. We are jumping into a behind the sex-scene which is smartly mixed with shots of the band playing.The photography and the editing are very good. It’s overall an interesting object, original and well constructed. You even have the sensation that the Porn performers are gently merging with the band members.

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