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February 2012: Elise


Paris – France

Your first encounter with sex?
On the Pink Minitel… I was 8 or 9 when I heard a radio ad saying “3615 ULLA” so I tried. My pseudo was… Lilisex ! But I got caught by my grand-parents. Needless to say the phone bill had slightly increased ! I also listened to these bullshit scenarios on the pink phone.

Your first porn movie?
When i was about 12-13 years old, a friend’s dad had a quite nice porno library, easily accessible in his room.

And since?
I watch some regularly. Alone or in couple.

On the Tubes mainly : Youporn, Tube8 or Apetube (There’s every possible and imaginable tag).

What are your favorite tags?
#anal, #threesome, #gonzo, #analtoy and #DP.

And one that is not represented enough ?

Because I do it and I find it nice.

You are watching exclusively gonzo?
Not really. I watched Inglorious Bitches, but it is too written for me and the dubbing is unbearable. There’s not enough close-up, it’s always the same positions, it’s Dad’s old porn !

What is so fascinating for you in gonzo?
You really see what’s happening, the girl going to take it hard for 45 minutes and that’s all. OK, usually I can only watch 10 minutes of it (laughter). Actually there should be a mix of both, realistic sequences with a scenario, like TV series. Maybe like Portrait Of A Call Girl, but without Jesse Andrews cause she’s always doing too much, she screams too much, she drools too much. And she’s too skinny, I don’t believe it, I can’t “get into” the movie. Too bad.

What is missing in porn to fully satisfy you?
More complicity between the actors. Manuel is pretty good at that, proof in images with Lara Stevens, on a boat in daylight, or with Kristina Rose.

How did you discovered the Tag Parfait?
My boyfriend showed me.

If you could change the soundtrack, what would you choose?
Nothing. It troubles me more than anything else. I like it when it’s as realistic as possible, the fake porn with non-stop screaming girls just doesn’t work.

© Photo by Pierre Lapin

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