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Ortie: Jah+Dwam x Velvetnest

At le Tag Parfait we support the freedom of pleasure in all its forms and pegging doesn’t escape this golden rule. In the common thoughts, pegging always come with a rough taste of domination and humiliation. Rare is the content showing to us it can be done in some sweet and casual ways too. Fortunately, […]

Rob Ford Sex Tape – Blame Canada?

Despite the fact Canada is widely displayed to us as a puss version of USA (thanks South Park, How I Met your Mother and co…). A country where you think everyone is gentle, polite, cool, bilingual and call a dollar coin a looney while they all cuddle polar bear cubs. We can say 2012-2013 are […]

One On One With Lexi

I watched porn on the train. Yes, I know I’m pushing it, and some people won’t appreciate the idea. But let him who never did it cast the first stone. Or the first tissue – would be more useful right now. It may reassure you to know that I had stashed my smart-phone in my […]

Twerk Strikes Back

It’s been a few weeks we’ve been afraid about Miley Cyrus crap Twerk consequences… The doubt was flying around like a crawling plague: When would the wave of mocking videos stop? and subsequently: Was Twerk dead? Fortunately, a rising hope is coming directly from mother Russia with the Fraules Girls. There are no crazy drunk guys […]

Gifs Of The Week #5

This week, I enjoyed looking for gifs in a total rush and coming upon ones that made me giggle. Between two reblogs, I did note the collective crush on Aubrey Plaza, from Parks and Recreation. I’m not judging or anything, just observing how her presence has lately been proliferating on tumblr. She is not especially […]

Bound3: James Franco & Seth Rogen

We had a dream last week about doing our own remake of the shitty Kanye West’s Bound2. Well, while we were organizing the pre-production steps here, Seth Rogen and James Franco have been faster than us! A shot for shot video, with a curvalicious Seth better than Miss Kardashian. Sorry Kim, we are not jealous […]

Nymphomaniac: NFSW Trailer

Here finally come the very NSFW Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac official trailer. After the cool series of posters revealing to us the film stars O-faces and some enigmatic video sneak-peek “appetizers” done in a diary/novel style (with 5 chapters to date), we were waiting for more to see and we must say we are not […]

The Revenge Porn Question: Can I Sext You ?

How recent Revenge Porn news could cure, help, screw my sexting addiction? It’s not a secret, I love sexting. Who doesn’t? It’s a sweet guilty pleasure where you let yourself go in a kinky world. Exchanging naked pics without inhibition, extending the limits of your Sexperience, pushing your dirty talk skills to the hidden 51th Shade of […]

Kanye West: Bound2 Fuck Kim

Bound2 was the best song on the Kanye West average last album. But watching this music video makes me feel I want to run away. Away from my screen because it’s bad and away from my life because I need more freedom (with a hot woman and a motorcycle). So you watched Ellen show (weird), […]

Fell In Love With Daisy

(Almost) as Jack White used to spit it in his mike: “Fell in love with a netvideogirl, I fell in love once and almost completely”. For a good million years (10 years in Internet time), the porn-soldier behind NetVideoGirls has been shooting girls who fly down on porn as a butterfly would land on your […]

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I Became A VIP On Kink Virtual – Part 2

Hanging out at the office carrying out my editorial watch mission, I was about to go out and study the impact of the solar star’s sudden appearance on the length of Parisian skirts – some of the total-immersion report only I hold the secret of – when the boss had another idea. He held out […]

XConfessions – Erika Lust, Feminist Porn

At Le Tag Parfait, we are secretly in love with Erika Lust. With XConfessions, she’s showing the world how you can elegantly drive through your own Porn-road and avoid the struggled mainstream XXX traffic jam. Fully creative, every month she’s delivering us a short movie inspired by the sexual stories people are confessing within XConfessions. […]

Gifs Of The Week #4

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween! Of course it was one of the last chances to put on those Daisy Dukes without tights, so… For my part, the God of Internet spared me the cliché witches-and-zombies porn gifs. Anyway for those of you who indulge in that kind of treat, here is a pumpkin gangbang, […]

Tory Lane Is In My Ears and In My Eyes

Welcome! Just as I arrived on Pornhub, I found myself faced with the monstrous number of new videos posted while I was away. Too weary in advance to let chance lead my way, and suffering from a persistent charley horse, I just typed “anal POV”. Result: Tory Lane In Nice Anal POV, 990k views, 93% […]

Japan – The Shape of the Fap to Come

If masturbation can make you blind or deaf, Japanese might have find the solution to avoid any potential risk in the tricky art of  touching yourself. Today, your virtual dreams may come true with a new device, presented at the Occulus Game Jam and called VR Tenga. Gents, welcome to the future of Fap! [youtuber youtube=’’] All […]

I Tried to Fuck For Free on Kink – Part1

Having a 3D avatar who gets laid is something that’s been possible for yonks now: who didn’t, in the early 2000’s, get a wicked pleasure making two Sims meet in a bed, and typing “move_objects on” in the cheat codes window to see what would happen under that damn eiderdown moving about to the weird […]

Four Chambers – Treats

Kiff, Blath and Vex are candies. Four Chambers knows it and after the moist Exchange they strike again with an intriguing slobbery new video. For the last week’s Halloween, we can guess our three girls did choose the treats over the tricks. That’s why they are licking with avidity this giant heart-shape red lollipop and some […]

EFukt: All We Need Is Love

When you are watching a scene with Manuel Ferrara and Kayden Kross or with James Deen and Stoya, you are not looking at a pure bestial sexual act only, you are contemplating the magic of love in closeup frame. EFukt has dig out THE video of the most loving couple in the whole world. Brooke […]

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