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One On One With Lexi

I watched porn on the train. Yes, I know I’m pushing it, and some people won’t appreciate the idea. But let him who never did it cast the first stone. Or the first tissue – would be more useful right now.

It may reassure you to know that I had stashed my smart-phone in my purse, innocently set on my lap. That’s how I came up with the idea of exploring the land of POV; I thought since I was gazing down between my thighs, it might as well be worthwhile.

Problem is, when I type POV in Pornhub’s research bar, it makes me land amidst a bed of cocks, each one stiffer than the other, usually sunk into some female orifice.

Dear sirs, be assured I do appreciate your male attributes, but having no dick myself, I cannot grasp the emotion you get from watching a mouth swallow inches of (your) hardened flesh.

That’s why I added my personal favorite tag to the equation: POV + Lesbian (QED). For once, tubes offered me a proper answer. Emotion strikes me: I’m about to discover female POV, and as a bonus it’s with the pretty Lexi.

With 3G showing mercy on me, I am very soon able to dive into Belle’s big eyes.

She talks to me. Cheeky and impish, she tries to seduce me. All of a sudden, she kneels before me. She sticks out her tongue and gets to it. That’s when I finally understand what POV is. I’m here, staring at my screen, and I can feel the porn.I was a simple spectator, POV made mea fantasized actress.

So yes, it is less visual than fellatio, and you don’t really see what the tongue is doing down there, but I know what she’s up to, and my brain makes up for the lack of visibility. Despite everything, the wide shots are therefore a bit inevitable, and then you’re not in a 100% POV anymore. Whatever, when Lexi turns over and gets on all fours, it is my hand I see moving toward her. And the impression is even stronger when, legs apart in front of me, she starts moaning under my touch while she licks my toes. I’m not here anymore. I’m inside the screen, with her.

Ladies, let Bobbi Star show you (or remind you) how it feels to have such beautiful eyes looking up at you. As for you, gentlemen, appreciate the gentleness and natural complicity that only exists between two women, and enjoy the few wide shots that try and compensate the fact that you are only as voyeurs, unable to fully realize the magic happening before your eyes.

I have to go now. The train has arrived. One more lick and I would have missed my stop.

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Lesbian POV brought to you by PornHub

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