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Gifs Of The Week #4

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween! Of course it was one of the last chances to put on those Daisy Dukes without tights, so… For my part, the God of Internet spared me the cliché witches-and-zombies porn gifs. Anyway for those of you who indulge in that kind of treat, here is a pumpkin gangbang, but it’s only a still picture. On the whole, I’m a little disappointed by the absence of dressed-up selfies on the dashboard. As if the Mean Girls’ infatuation for Halloween wasn’t to be shared on Tumblr.

My selection for this week bets on delicate dexterity, Twister, a red plastic dildo, and the dangers you encounter at the beach (even if it’s not the season anymore).


A nice finger job according to the rules of teasing. First one, then two, and a third one can’t be far. As the saying goes, (good) things happen in threes, and we feel that fisting won’t be long in coming either.


A good focus on a reality that is still taboo: the sexual Twister. We all experienced that awkward moment when your face ends up an inch from the crotch of another player because of a damn “right hand on red”. Getting naked and adding a few rules is a nice alternative to dispel the unease.


Isn’t it a CUTIE? That little red-colored rabbit sex-toy calls more for cuddling than masturbation. And that’s precisely what they are meant for, even if the mail-order-selling catalogues call it “facial massage”.


This gif ruffles my eyebrows. Sand being the ultimate enemy for the mucus membranes, please jot down you shouldn’t roll on the beach, especially if you’re naked and your body is humid. In the present case, it’s like rubbing down your pussy with sandpaper. This counter-argument also goes for bollocks and foreskins, gentlemen.


Male rim-job requires an obvious physical skill: a huge capacity to stay in apnea. For the love of butt, that chick really gives her all. Only witness of her breath-holding diligence is the mix of overflowing cum and spit.

Originally translated from this post by Ms Alice

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