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Gifs Of The Week #22

About ten days ago, Tumblr started to worry about the mobile version of our little babies. So, we can now change the aspect of our blogs through the mobile application, only… not that much. Apart from a cover image and a subtly colorful background, everybody gets lumbered with the same lame basic timeline, with infinite scrollbar as a “bonus”. Mobile revolution obviously still is a long way away for Tumblr; nevertheless, launching a mobile version in 2014 remains a praiseworthy initiative, and, to be honest, I didn’t see it coming.

But let’s get back to the major object of this column. My darling gifs of the week: Yhivi’s first steps at Kink’s, a talking vagina, Lilly the cute blond angel, and Alli May’s respiratory performances.


Lilly, X-Art model with quite gorgeous platinum hair, arouses her mate, a guy called Allan. On the editorial side, the guys really racked their brains: a pretty milky skin chick combined with a blowjob comes to the title of Angel Lips Devil Kiss. Subtle.


Seen from the outside, orgasm makes a vagina talk. I wouldn’t venture to interpret that language, since gifs unfortunately don’t deliver the sounds going with the image.


To me, Alli May truly is laurels material in this underwater gif taken from Payback Times Two, by Sexunderwater. The girl manages to smile, look like a mermaid, and control her breathing whilst being shagged: I say r.e.s.p.e.c.t.


The Coach 3 – Post Game Fucking by Randy Blue features, from left to right: Chris Rockway, Justin Owen, and Max Michaels – three pals who decided to make the most of the gym’s mats. How strange, though… I do recall (due to frequent half-assed landings after wonky headstands) that those mats squeak, stink and aren’t even spongy.


Yhivi, the camgirl with a chubby face, is starting out a pro career. Last month, she made her first steps alongside Christian Wylde for the acrobatic Fucked and Bound at Kink’s. You can also follow her on her Tumblr.

Cover photo : Erin Elizabeth Kelly

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