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Gifs Of The Week #11

Christmas went by, and I received my share of presents from the Internet, despite a rather busy schedule. That said, I always take on this non-holiday period serenely since for me it is synonymous with dill salmon and peanut butter, since I’m really not into chocolate. My most gorgeous gifts will come from the movies, with the release of Don Jon and The Wolf of Wall Street. I must admit I’m more interested in Leonardo DiCaprio now that he’s pushing forty.

In case you feel like the fat dude in red somehow prejudiced you, let me give out the rejoicing gifs I have in my sack: an “organic” couple, a gal happily hopping to work, and a garlanded pussy.

If you want to save water, taking baths à deux is a swell idea! Even better if you make the most of the opportunity and make your time profitable by patting and petting. Please make sure you put down a bath mat though: a bathtub is pretty slippery, and accidents happen so fast.

Headphone plugged in her ears, bouncing away merry and self-assured, a girl so happy to go to work is real eye candy. But let me stop you right there! The Bridget Jones joke about the forgotten skirt has been prohibited for a very long time now.

This bonny boner looks quite happy he managed to slip through the magic hole. I guess what just happened was a foot job, but why would one let it cream on the toes? Could it be that sperm is good for cuticles? With amazing moisturizing and exfoliating powers? And no one told me?

OK. I must admit you don’t see very well. That dick looks like it’s bursting out of an aquatic and foaming environment like a flagpole, some Kraken freed from the darkest depths of the ocean.

This gif has been dwelling in my 600-some tumblr likes for ages. I had to keep it for Christmas-time. I do appreciate the creative initiative and fancy rendering, much, much better and more original than the beribboned dingle (bells)!

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