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Gifs Of The Week #24

We made it through! The beautiful time of the year we call summer is finally there! The special pollen and grass forecasts issued by Meteo France and the RNSA (the French air pollution surveillance network) remain hopelessly in the red. Bring on the rainstorm and the big heat, and let that muck rot, dry and die. While waiting for better days to come, I’m to seek the shelter of a movie theater to watch the latest film featuring facially interesting Viggo Mortensen, as well as, with a little luck and good timing, Clint Eastwood’s latest.
To fill out the rest of my time, I still have that safe and pollenless place called the Internet, weekly territory of my wanderings for better gifs. In my basket: Axel Wood’s briefs, Mia Malkova and her flexible vertebras, and Megan Salinas stuck in a room of the worst color ever.

alex wood santiago fieroa man royale

Axel Wood’s underpants raise the red flag. And for good reason: I have seldom if ever seen such a big package. He should consider going for larger trunks, though. Axel, don’t forget your body needs to breathe freely, especially with those temperatures rising!

Alex Wood and Santiago Figueroa, Manroyale

mia malkova poolside pounding

Mia Malkova owns one of the most gorgeous arches of the week, and also takes the time to maintain her beautiful summer glow. Watch out, kids! Mucus membranes are fragile things you need to guard against mean sunrays with a high-protection balm.

Mia Malkova, Poolside Pounding, Digital Playground

megan salinas pervs on patrol mofos

In this gif, the first thing that caught my eye is the cuteness of Megan Salinas. Secondly, I froze, stared and wondered about that mint green background. Bad white balance? Wrong manipulation by a Wrigley-gum-obsessed Megan fan?

Megan Salinas, Pervs on Patrol, Mofos

adriana chechik dp me

Adriana Chechik, naked, weirdly sat on an indoor swing. Needless to say this is a very credible situation, but she seems to enjoy it, so let’s not tell her she’s not using the swing the way she ought to.

Adriana Chechik, DP Me, hard-x

effie angel wet wifebeaters

In 2012, Effie was part of the small pack of trendsetting girls bearing a My-Little-Pony style tricolor mane. I hope she managed to make up her mind since then, ‘cause, you know, times are a changin’, the world rediscovered the voice of reason, and the three-in-one hairstyle fell into abeyance.

Effie Angel, Wet Wifebeaters, Burning Angel

Cover photo : Faith Picozzi par Larsen Sotelo

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