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Gifs Of The Week #8

Sometimes Internet makes you search hard. It’s a shame, but you have to deal with it. To find good gifs, nice chicks, nice guys, dicks, tits, pussies (and I’ll stop there or else the list will never end), you need to look deeper into it. It’s like when you rummage through the Web for an ASOS coupon code: the first hint is never the right one. So here’s a piece of advice if you’re a newbie barging in like a horny bull in a china shop: you grab your Internet shovel (that is your thumb), shut your mouth, and scroll. That’s what I do.
BTW, I slipped a nasty sandwich between two fuck gifs, a little something extra that may hurt your innocent feelings a teeny bit, but I’m making up for it with some sweet and soft underwear cuddling, so I know you will forgive me.


A beautiful tilt-up, a physically rather smart chick, and she seems to enjoy it loads, bless her. Support committee requested for the guy who has his thigh skin drawn out like a Shar Pei pup.

bumpitty 2

Mrs Panties meets Mr Trunks and they shake hands warmly. One covets that nice stiffer leading its life unfettered in immaculate cotton jersey. Equally attractive is this fleshy bum trapped in the too tight underpants.

piggy 3

First of all, I must apologize for putting this here, in case your melting little hearts couldn’t handle it. I would be the first to argue that every part is the best part, in pig or sex, but this one leaves me bewildered. If someone could explain to me why on Earth a dude needs to put a pig-mask on a chick’s head for her to give him some… I’m all ears.

doggy 4

Fancying a little Hollywood moment while being doggie-styled? All you need is a garden, blue sky, and Aviator sunglasses. But most important of all, you must try and keep that subtle duck-face during the action, so that everybody can see just how much you like it.

tit 5

Lucky draw for the freshwater swab who trapped that gorgeous pair of boobs in his nets! It remains only to squeeze the small nipples trying to escape — an insiders’ knack to make sure the flesh is fresh.

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