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Archives du mois deFebruary 2015

Gifs Of The Week #35

A nice week ends and a better one is to come.  To live it to the fullest, it requires a lot of rest and time on the Internet. Starting with a nice cup of tea in the hand, I’m smiling at life and at the Gifs before getting back to work with endless case file […]

Gifs Of The Week #34

Valentine Day is now behind us. We wont’ keep harping on about it, but I wish I had received a bouquet of Gifs from an anonymous valentine. A blooming arrangement, fancy and tasteful, accompanied by a glass of good red wine. But, if you want something to be done right, well you’ve got to do it […]

Feelup Records : $extape – Danish Porn Mixtape

$extape is the creation of two Danish musicians: Birk Storm and Stina Kinck. Earlier this year, they released « Danish Porn Mixtape » signed by Feel Up Records  (label of Jillionaire // Major Lazer). The idea started from a meeting while touring, and ended up by a record session in Copenhagen where Bad Decision came to life. A pure […]

Gifs Of The Week #33

Hunting the Gifs all week long, I have to wake up at dawn at least three times a week to not miss a thing. Sluggards please abstain yourself. To catch a proper Gif you need skills and a sharp eye able to detect when one of them innocently wanders in between cats pictures. You casually […]

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