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Gifs Of The Week #17

This week promised to be rather calm on the Internet, but then, it wasn’t. Since Wednesday, panic had slimed onto my dashboard, newsfeeds, and infinite scrollbars, and spread the not necessarily dreaded virus of Valentines’ Day. This is also the moment fat-joke amateurs seize to post their homemade paint edits of porn stars, sitcom actors, or animals with the smutty puns they love so dearly. And then of course, other such hoots take pride in sharing them to their contacts, including me (especially when James Franco is involved).

The nicest thing about this is all the cute selfies of gorgeous chicks wearing very, very, very beautiful lingerie taking Tumblr by storm. Slight disillusion: too few know about engaging in the art of good gifs. So this week we’ll have to settle for a nice cock, a threesome and some gymnastics.

treesome cuni fuck two girls

I really have trouble focusing on the girl in the background, who’s desperately trying to catch my gaze, and can’t help looking deeper into this charming picture, at that nicely developed six-pack fussing over and about.


A fleshy rod we’d love to have more often by our side: required and sufficient length and thickness, good pair of balls (also a crucial element), and a tasteful depilation, since it only affects the parts supposed to touch the partner’s mouth – in short, a dick worth an A+++.

mia malkova dirty masseur

The gym-special gif of the week was self-evident: Mia Malkova working out with her partner in Dirty Masseur. The scene is rather acrobatic, and we particularly appreciate her taking off the horrid white sweatpants lying around at Cody Sky’s feet.


Every single thing in this gif is immoderate: from the huge dick to the depth of the girl’s throat, the length of her fake eyelashes, or the seemingly everlasting stiffness of the tackle, when it looks like he already spunked a whole pint of sperm.

Miss Radke playing smart with her tongue piercing – an outdated fashion item, if I may. A faux-pas you quickly forget when you meet those big blue eyes of hers.

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