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Gifs Of the Week #3

My selection didn’t move a jot after a lengthy mid-week Tumblr watch. I must admit I’ve been in a huff since the new update of the research tool barged in without a warning. The business obviously isn’t up to speed, as for now you cannot record the tags anymore. For the relentless ones who still want to try it out, don’t forget to unlock the bolt hiding the NSFW content, or you will struggle long time to find something worth getting your teeth into.

This week, my choice went for two flashers, a little POV, Lili Tiger, ans a chick having a good-good time. All the rest has been put on hold with great care on Le Tag Parfait’s tumblr, despite the evident lack of space. As for the naysayers, they can still check out Fluffy Eggs’ tumblr, which, as its name does not imply, is fond of the basics of porn gifs.

lilliane tiger mouth open

Lili Tiger, sweet little 5’3” thing comes to us from Hungary. This might well be her least flattering profile, but it has the virtue to demonstrate she’s got all her teeth, and a tongue piercing.

exhib girl dancing tight

Finally a flasher gif, but she does it only by half. It remains mouth-watering even though you don’t see that much in the end, so respect, but apart from tickling our curiosity, the gal looks like she’s having a self-esteem skyscraper-high.

tirer sur les seins

This is the second time in the space of the last three days I see a hard-at-work girl yanking her tits as if she wanted to sound the death knell. I don’t mind personally testing this method, but I’m still waiting for my boobs to finish growing.

POV illuminati tattoo

This looks like a POV shot with a flashlight. The guy shaved before setting out for cloud nine. A nice sign of courage, I say. I did hesitate between this gif and that other short POV, but the fuchsia pink spandex dress? Uh-uh.

pastel panties

I’ve been a little tired of the elephantine PAWGs and I think it’s about time we gave credit to the petite buttocks and their delicacy. So here’s this gif with marshmallow colors and a tiny bum. We sure have a winner in the cuteness category!

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