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Gifs Of The Week #31

As the boss says, life goes on. As shocked as I could be by the recent events in France, I went back to my job and I tried to find a sort of comfort in my scrolling habits. My heart wasn’t really there, but I sought into my pictorial stash to dig out Dillion Harper’s glance, Cytherea‘s squirt and Dani Daniels with Celeste Star… Sometimes dicks and butts are also a way to go back to your daily routine, or at least to mine. This same routine, where every Sundays, I fuck up a little bit more my browser history with Porn and Love. Still, my heart is somewhere else right now, but I needed it.


Jeez, what a squirt! Taking upfront this load of spurt, even with a protecting window, is sure surprising. Also, I’d like to give special mention to the doctor’s fake mustache.

Cytherea, Your Brain On Orgasm, Brazzers


Doesn’t Dakota Skye look happy? With her eyes rolled upward and her hand carelessly laying on her sex, like if nothing happened. In her ecstasy state, she could even make us forget her doubtful French manicure and this awful suspended set of lamp in the background.

Dakota Skye, Rump Raiders 6Jules Jordan


For a long time now, Dillion Harper is the boss’s pet. So, one day she had to land on one of my Gifs selection. She’s not my usual drug but she has this crazyness in her glance, which could turn you inside out.

Dillion Harper et Mike Adriano, Oral Overdose, Evil Angel


When it comes to love, the more the merrier. But this guy suit’s pays a heavy price. I’m sure he has a decent dry-cleaner shot or at least  good trick to erase those sperm stains.

Caleb Roca, Paco and Denis Vega, 101 Things to do With A Straight GuyMen At Play.


A little kiss to finish. Surely, when Dani Daniels and Celesta Star are swapping their saliva, there’s a good reason to melt for good. These two could turn me into a giant Marshmallow.

Dani Daniels and Celeste Star, Are You Still Awake ?, Brazzers


One last bonus thing. It’s not Porn, just love, hugs and hairs. From a cat to a dog, the sweetness remains the same. You just have to embrace each other and enjoy the comfy warmth of someone else’s arms. Let’s all do the same.

Cover photo: Emanuele Ferrari
Translated by Duff

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