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Gifs Of The Week #16

I had made my mind up about sealing this week with a good nosh, the kind of meal after which you just roll under the table in a burp. Once the deed was done, I’m sure you can imagine how deep my disappointment was when, waking up the next morning with a belly still full, I realized I had no ingredients — or spare space in my stomach — for Candlemas. Sad, so sad, I started scrolling the Web, but no gif really comforted me. My only remaining option was to brave the batty mob marching in front of my place and grab a crepe to go. That emergency response plan seeming way too uninviting, I preferred to stay warm and quiet in company with my gifs of the week, a little hairy, a little oiled, and acrobatic.


A massage is always nice, especially when performed on this ultrasensitive and innervated zone. But to have it slide properly, make sure you put on a heavy dose of dry oil that will provide smooth but safe handling.


Lifting up a three-feet wide gym ball is within the realms of possibility. But keeping the said ball in the air more than 30 seconds requires training, stamina, and aware muscles.


Mike Dozer and Marcus Isaacs are having quite a ball too, and together they display all the majesty of the #hairy tag. Despite my endearment for all things fluffy, I would like to state that a dick hair rambling between your teeth and gums is not so cool. Pay heed, Marcus!


You would expect someone to pull at a cat’s tail. The picture changes when a rather thrusty plug is involved. In that perspective, Sin Sage and Tori Lux’s approach seems far more sensible.

Cherry Crush

I have nothing against schoolgirlish-costume POVs, or against My Cherry Crush for that matter. I can neither find fault in the sense of details she puts in her movies and the way she always chooses the best prop, the best hairdo… but WHO THE FUCK GETS HARD WATCHING AN APPLE GREEN WIG?

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