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Gifs Of The Week #6

This has really been a beautiful week, with super hours, loads of fun, and plenty of time to sleep. Since I took on a sleeping pattern appropriate for a Spartan during tournament period, finding worthy gifs on Tumblr proves to be quite harrowing a task. But Internet always knows how to comfort me and chuck out in my face good things that soothe me. This said, if you, dear reader, know of a URL dedicated to quality fetish gifs and wish to share it with me, do know that I’m interested. I’m throwing this message in a bottle into the sea of Internet, secretly hoping for an answer.

In the meantime, here is this week’s selection: a rim-job and a touch of DATY (so nobody’s jealous), a guy fucking as if it was the last time, and some cootchie-cootchie-coo.


This gif is here to remind you what a bloke can look like in the heat of action. Even so, beware not to mistake your girl for a dick-dumbbell! Here, the glans being possessed by the sheitan remains a rather likely hypothesis.


While some guys perform Eskimo kisses, others don’t beat around the bush and eat each other’s asshole to seal their friendship. What could be nicer than to rub you mate’s keister? A job for real men and real friends.


Obviously, here is a guy who tries to find an alternative medium of arousal. Fed up with chokin’ the chicken? Long live the cootchie-cootchie-coo on the balls! It’s rather fun to watch how far boredom and loneliness can carry you. I nevertheless hail the dude’s decent erection – a knack worth keeping in a corner of your head.


No wonder you get a good spank on your buns if you show off such a crazy PAWG! Such a combination of firmness and volume will always leave me gaping, despite this tacky g-string. Fatty bottoms definitely eclipsed big boobs and took the pole-position in my heart.


There is the myth of the red button at the White House, that could trigger a nuclear explosion, and then there’s the clit. Both look pretty much alike, but it’s easier to get your fingers on a clit, even if those little bastards tend to play pick-a-boo. Careful with untimely orgasms, though, if you linger on it too long!



I’m sure you didn’t forget the Posing dj tumblr. This gif-loving masturbator could have joined the pack despite a slight style gap. He could have called himself DJ Pussy, considering what he uses as a turntable, and we would have hired him to mix at hen parties!

Originally translated from this post by Ms. Alice

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