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Rob Ford Sex Tape – Blame Canada?

Despite the fact Canada is widely displayed to us as a puss version of USA (thanks South Park, How I Met your Mother and co…). A country where you think everyone is gentle, polite, cool, bilingual and call a dollar coin a looney while they all cuddle polar bear cubs.

We can say 2012-2013 are the years the world discovered the truth: out of the NHL ice rinks or Trailer Park Boys, Canadian people can be badass as fuck. Rob Ford, the Toronto mayor, is quite something.

This Peter Griffin sized mobster is a notorious big mouth, pussy eater, prostitute client, gangs friend, wino, crackhead and weed smoker. About rumors on his drug abuse, from his mouth: “Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine but … am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Um, probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago“. Who did say politics are only liars? This mayor is HUMAN! (perhaps…). But well, you are aware of all the gossips around Rob Ford (gently nicknamed RoFo), as it’s everywhere in the medias.


In da Hood with my Homies !

The fresh news is coming from Wood Rocket, with Lee Roy Myers who just made a parody Porn flick of the Toronto Mayor’s setbacks called: “The Rob Ford Sex Tape — A Parody!” A funny scene, with a RoFo’s lookalike getting mashed on a sofa and fucking like a pig a fake boobs Asian prostitute. The video is FREE and is buzzing like mad. It looks like #Sextape is still beloved by medias after all.

To top it all, Porn actress Brandy Aniston declared she would be down to make a scene with the real Toronto’s Mayor. “He’s like a big teddy bear. Who couldn’t think he is cute?” she said. It looks like she needs a sugar Daddy eh!


What up!?

A sex toy brand is even sponsoring this flick. Smart move from Lee Roy, building slowly and gently his Porn alternative economics model. We won’t complain, it’s legal and FREE Porn.

The remaining question is: will Rofo be re-elected?

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