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Singin' in the Brain

After the sweet sessions of  “Hysterical Literature” where girls were trying to read some passages of books while they were stimulated by a vibrator. We realized that it was very hard reading aloud while having an orgasm coming. And some people realized that literature was arousing as fuck. Oh dear Stoya, read me more stories… But what about singing and coming at the same time? That’s the question a Dutch band called ADAM tried to answer to, in a video music for their new single “Go Go”.


Do not expect any surprise. Like reading, if you try to sing when the orgasm is getting there, you will end up with a cute and funny half involuntary convulsed FAIL. It’s just hard to focus on anything else but the pleasure’s wave when you come. If you think about your job, your car, your dog, your Mum or about puppets, dead bodies, pizza and coke while you are about to come, we recommend you to talk to a specialist. Or to live your true inner fantasies to the end and fuck everything we previously enumerated (bunch of pervz). Meanwhile, enjoy the video!

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