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Said Energizer: Ukraine Best

Said Energizer is an Ukrainian lucky bastard. Very active on VK and Instagram, he’s a rising-star videographer and photographer who makes millions hits on its content.

Why such a success? We would like to say it’s because he’s a super talented guy. But to be honest, if he’s so successful, it’s not because of its editing skill, music taste or because of its photo framing abilities. It’s all about the girls he’s working with. He’s only picking stunning models from outer space (big up to Bosstas models). Every single woman on its videos are some irresistible heart breaking material, awesome, sexy, attractive girls, with alien body lines, incredible perky boobs, goddess faces and unbelievable booty shapes. To recap, they have amazing physical aptitude that could make anybody melting and going insane. Mr Said, you are literally playing with our feelings. It’s not cool buddy but please keep working on your shit.

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Before, when I heard “Ukraine”, I was thinking about four things: FEMEN, Andriy Mykolayovych Shevchenko, the Klitschko brothers and the Soviet Union. But now, thanks to the Internet, Ukraine is not anymore only about bare breast protest, soccer, heavyweight boxers, riots and Russian Crimea bullshit. Now, it’s also about my very emotive behavior with the following girl.

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