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No Regret: Use a Condom

No Regret is the new message from Love Life, a national Swiss campaign for STD’s prevention and information. After Safe Sex and Make Love, they try to put ahead a simple message within a thoughtful manifesto:

I love my life. I live to the full

I love my body. That’s why I protect it

I have no regrets. And I’ll keep it that way

The campaign was released with a pretty explicit video showing people from all ages and sexual orientation singing Edith Piaf’s “Je ne regretted rien” while they have some personal intercourse. Basic, simple, accurate, beautiful, true and well done, we hope this video will make its way to the most reluctant peoples brains. Meanwhile, we can only encourage every country to create such initiative and launch theses kind of meaningful messages to their citizens.

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Yes we can have fun sex, good sex, sweet sex, crazy sex, free sex and ultimately make love with protection. Play it safe and please remind that the proverb “loving is sharing” doesn’t apply when it’s about STD.


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