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Australian Condom Ad: Too Much Sex

Looks like the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ACMA) is devoid of any sense of humor (Really? No way!). More worrisome, they seem unaware that condoms are technically aim to be used for intimate intercourse’s protection. The following funny video, made for Four Seasons Condoms, wasbanned from screens because it was declared too graphically sexual.

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Oi, ACMA mates, it’s important to know you have a choice in getting a perfect fitted condom. It can avoid a great deal of accidents when you #GETNAKED.

The condom brand’s answer to this censorship was:

“To connect with the younger demographic, you need to be irreverent and entertaining and to remove all sexual references in the TV ad defeats the purpose of this entire campaign. The fact is this is a critical safe sex message”.

We think it is a clever video. Clearly sex sells but condoms doesn’t protect from puritanical stupidity. Four Seasons took this censorship to their advantage and transformed into a being-banned-pride strategy. They spread the word on the web, triggering a big buzz via their Twitter account. Well, the message is now all over the world, not only in Australia.

Let’s hope people will remember a little bit more often that safe sex is important. Unless you love babies and collecting STDs…

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