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Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life

Today, we found one more visual definition of WTF on Internet. This time its safe for work, it’s about Shrek (any Brogres there?) and its available on Youtube. So you can slack like a boss.

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>He whispers into my ear “This is my swamp.”
>He grabs me with his powerful ogre hands and puts me down onto my hands and knees
>I’m ready
>I spread my ass-cheeks for Shrek
>He penetrates my butt-hole
>It hurts so much but I do it for Shrek
>I can feel my butt tearing as my eyes start to water
>I push against his force
>I want to please Shrek
>He roars in a mighty roar as he fills my butt with his love

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“Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life” was originally a weird thread posted on 4chan in January 2013 and the text is the one you’ve just heard in AirplaneRandy genius video. It became very popular among the 4chan weirdos and a whole bunch of other texts inspired by it emerged. These stories are always describing the homoerotic story of someone praying Shrek. It implies butt-sex perpetrated by the Ogre and it’s ending with the catchphrase: Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life. 

Lately some videos adaptations of the different stories were created for the biggest pleasure of Bogres. Like Bronies, Brogres pushed their fan dedication so far that their idol became itself a whole sexual orientation. I’m not sure I will look at the Dreamworks blockbuster the same way now and  I start wondering if I missed some subtle lines or pedo-rapist sexual allusions during my first video Shrexperience?

I must say I had myself a weird crush with Bulma from Dragon Ball when I was younger, but it wasn’t going that far and it was pretty legit (picutre below). Anyway, we won’t judge because “It’s all ogre now“. But if someone reading those lines knows the drug AirplaneRandy and its fellow Brogres are injecting in their veins, I’m interested.





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