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DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What

Waking up, being tired as hell, going to work and having a depleted motivation for: it was this morning’s party program. Thursday, is just another Monday in the week, innit?
But at 10.30 am CST, our beloved boss, Gonzo, dropped a link on my timeline: a trap song. For fuck sake Gonzo, don’t you think I’ve better things to do than slacking like a noob on a Youtube video? He insisted. I was more like in Meshuggah trip at this time, but after 30 minutes of organized asymmetrical sharp and cold noise, I wanted a break. After all I was curious and I hit the Trap link.



KABOOM! Sub-bass kick, bright convulsed Tourettish snares, hypnotic synthesizers, some crazy climax and a load of massive bass drop. All I wanted to do during the listening was moshing like a kid in an HxC gig.

I don't feel old!

DJ Snake & Lil Jon are producing some good fury sound and you can feel through their vibe a big dose of retained aggressiveness. It makes you feel you are in a world where the strength of gravity randomly shifts: one second you fly, the other second you are crushed to the ground. All of it is coupled with the amazing images of directors Daniels (Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan). They created a video with a Wong Kar Wai aesthetic, where a whole building gradually falls into an insane and contagious Daggering dance sickness. Dick of steel, TV humping, face sitting, dancing breast. It’s a sexual madness driven by a possessed Asian dude’s dick. Funny, crazy and very random, the whole thing is the shit guys! Beware, the following content is addictive…

We told you, you gonna watch it in loop!

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