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Wild Rose: Rose McGowan Dances

Filmed and directed by Marlene Marino, “Wild Rose” is an unusual and candid nude portrait of Rose McGowan.

Yes, the Rose McGowan that was giving you weird boners when you watched the Charmed Tv series. Did you cry when Shannen Doherty disappeared? Naaaah you didn’t! Because that’s when Doom Generation’s provocative pin-up, Marylin Manson’s trashy ex, the over glamorous badass vixen from Rodriguez & Tarantino’s Grindhouse, stepped in. We’ve already seen her naked many times all over the net (she obviously feels comfy in the simplest apparel), but there’s something about her, you know? An appealing beauty, and a touch of PAWG effect, in my humble opinion.

The video itself is interesting in terms of editing and filming. Rose McGowan looks very natural, relaxed, and is giving the whole thing a casual mood. You feel you share the girl’s intimacy. Even this Super-8mm-Stagram-Mixed-Formats-Grainy-Hipsterish-Vintage video effect is not that bad after all, but to be honest the music is way too cheesy and boring.

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What do we learn about Rose’s on Nowness:

What’s your experience of pornography?
Rose: I have never liked it and don’t find it sexually interesting: I don’t like their hair, make-up, or acting. How am I supposed to get excited by something that I think is cornball and not beautiful?

So what would you consider to be sexy?
Rose: Oh I don’t know, maybe two people in a lovely field on a farm, shot like Terence Malick.

Dear Rose. Obviously, we don’t have the same enthusiasm for pornography. But it’s OK by me, because saying Terrence Malick’s shots are sexy makes you more attractive than ever. Now, I’ve got one single question for you: Could you please tell me what exactly it is you find sexually interesting?
Thank you.
Love – Duff

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