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Bound3: James Franco & Seth Rogen

We had a dream last week about doing our own remake of the shitty Kanye West’s Bound2. Well, while we were organizing the pre-production steps here, Seth Rogen and James Franco have been faster than us!

A shot for shot video, with a curvalicious Seth better than Miss Kardashian. Sorry Kim, we are not jealous anymore of Kanye to have you as lover. You kind of suck compared to the sexiness of Seth and he’s showing way much more nipples than you.

Uh-huh Honey !

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We’ve got to admit that Bound3 is far much better than the original version (or not). At least the cheesy ridicule of the backdrop sticks to the subtle humor of Seth and James.

Not to mention that we believe Kanye West has a subzero sense humor and doesn’t know the meaning of self-mockery. Therefore, the Bound2 video was probably aim to be a bad-ass, arty, serious video. It is scary as fuck.

On our side, we don’t loose hope in doing now a Pornish version called Bound4 or Bound2-Origins. We’ll update you soon.

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