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Hiérophante – Marketing

Hiérophante is a 3D graphic Designer who is interested in the Internet’s culture. Assuming that artists are not actually creating content but only recycling what’s already done, he’s using  some marketing’s caption mixed with elements from known Porn’s production and Tumblr’s anonymous content to create this unique video music called “Marketing” (first creation of a series to come with Internet as main theme).

Indeed it’s been a while since we’ve seen an  interesting arty video-object around the porn subject with a real approach and here Hiérophante offers us a very pleasant visual experience (plus a chill tune he made himself!).

“Marketing” is pretty minimalist and it smartly uses the classic dot / halftone pattern effect. Indeed the whole design’s set and concept is clearly testing the limit in between SFW / NSFW content, brushing softly the frontier of the porn world on a mainstream platform, leaving enough space for your imagination to fly over what you see.

About his work, Hiérophante says:  “The goal of this video was to jump barrier between «authorized porn area» and «unauthorized porn area»“. For him we are living in an ambiguous and paradoxical situation in between the Porn and the mainstream medias.

The overall quality of the Porn on the Internet stays stuck in a very poor area because of the whole niche logic that goes with the Porn market itself. But in front of this closed specific world, at the same time, all the mainstreams advertisers are massively and hypocritically using the sexual codes out of the Porn’s niche to sell everything and nothing to the consumers. And this without going to the end goal of the approach which is all about Sex.

In a way, watching “Marketing” makes you feel like in front of these old school’s encrypted TV channels, where while zapping on the cable’s network pretending you wanted to see some cartoons or crap documentaries, all you wanted to watch was Porn. At this point all you could see was scrambled and blurred but you could guess within the pink shapeless motion stuff on your screen that you were effectively watching porn and it was a pretty cool youngster’s sensation.

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Anyway, the result is fresh and we are curious to see what will be the next videos…

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