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James Deen, the White Knight of Vine

Zafinho told you about it a short time ago : Vine has found itself a playfellow – namely, porn. Vine becomes like Twitter, where the libertine world of exhib invaded slowly our timelines, enjoying freedom of speech without being punished by this little rascal of Zuckerberg. Porn stars have naturally begun to use this new tool, […]

Tumblr: Just Another IKEA Catalog

“Hey guys! I’ve got a huge boner right now!” That’s what you use to hear when you work for Le Tag Parfait. The boss gets excited when he feels the buzz coming. “Wake up, you gang of morons, I need something quickly about this Ikea porn Tumblr shit! Saint-Sernin, you’ve got 30 minutes, hurry up!” […]

Tribute Me, I'm Famous

There is a striking mise en abyme on some tubes; a tribute to the masturbatory material, to what’s behind the scenes, to personal branding in its most primary form. Filming while getting off – from this unlikely practice was born a magnificent tag, the less arousing you can find on the internet but one that […]

Jesse Jane: "I wanted to be a pornstar, not just a porngirl"

 Jesse Jane is exceptional in many ways. She’s a true physical anachronism, a pure product of the “Baywatch” imagery that you would expect to be limited to the nineties. And yet Jesse is one of the last porn actresses who can undoubtedly enjoy the status of a star. With Jesse we are very far from […]

Clips4Sale, A Fetishists' Paradise

Once upon a time, in the vast plains of online porn, there was a lonely kingdom where time had stopped in early 00s. But far from being deserted ever since, a million of unique users per day still enjoy today what this antithesis of tubes has to sell : this is the place where the Marquis […]

Peste Noire: "Our society is highly pornographic"

With its 13 years of existence and its releases having inflamed a rather somnolent scene, Peste Noire (or KPN for Kommando Peste Noire) is a heavyweight in the grim landscape of Black Metal. Peste Noire, it’s a compendium of French culture, a real melting pot where references collide. Villon, Baudelaire, Artaud, Les Visiteurs, all that […]

May 2013: Zacharie

Born: 1986 City: Paris (France) You’re a photographer, you must have developed an interest for picture quite early. What is the picture which makes the most important impact on you? Indeed. I’m a photographer, photojournalist to be more precise. Since I was a little boy, I’ve always been attracted to picture. I was more into […]

Colored Enema: Over The Rainbow

Just when you think that everything has been done here below, there comes along someone with a brilliant idea – one that refuels your enthusiasm tank for another six-month mad drive. Porn is no exception. When you think you have seen it all, you always find some new tag buggering up your boredom. In the […]

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