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Mickey Mod: "It’s difficult for men to have a fluid sexuality"

I don’t even remember how I discovered Mickey Mod. Might be through, or in the queer porn Crash Pad Series or maybe when he was nominated for a 2011 AVN Award for An Open Invitation. The only thing I remember is thinking that this discovery would certainly lead to endless explorations (and fap sessions) offline and online. I was craving to interview my favorite most progressive performer, here are his answers.

It’s pretty hard to find information about you or your career. A few months ago I remember reading that you got involved in being a performer through Craigslist, but I can’t find the article anymore. Is this true?
It all started few years ago, I was in between relationships and I was disappointed, or let’s say I did not get what I needed, from a sexual point of view. I decided to pursue the experience I wanted to have, and had a look on internet, to see which companies were hiring. I talked to a friend of mine and she recommended Kink. At the same time I posted an ad on the internet on and they were looking for people to apply. So I applied and got an email back, I did some interviews and that’s kind of how I got in… I did my very first scene with Kink.

Were you an adept of BDSM (bondage, discipline, sado-masochisme) before starting to work for or was it only by curiosity or to challenge yourself?
It was an interest of mine, but not something I thought I could act upon within a relationship. For a long time I was very shy, I did not really know how to articulate this need. I had not necessarily a strict religious education but my family was definitely religious, sex was not something you would talk about. It was very difficult for me for a long time to talk about what I wanted, what I was curious about…

That’s interesting. I find the most fascinating thing about you, is your ability to switch from Dominant to Submissive, even sometimes during the same scene (with Drew Deveaux for example) I really had the impression that you do not have any taboo or limits.
Well, you know, every performer gets through his own personal process before being able to feel comfortable performing. I think for me, there was so much that I wanted to do, that I thought that I would not ever be happy if I did not try.


How do you explain this ability to switch from Dominant to Submissive?
I think for me the interactions I have with somebody on a sexual level are kind of a dance, you feel people energies and movements, and if the song is right, if the tempo is right, you are able to go with that. I really never classified myself as a Dom or a Sub, it’s just like an exploration, almost like being a journalist: “I’d like to go into this, and I don’t know about it as much as other people might, but I’d go with an open mind and I’m just going to explore it”.

I’ve seen that you’ve been studying photography and cinematography and previously said that you would love to do the transition behind the camera. What do you think you could bring to the industry?
It’s something I’ve been working on and definitely something I’m interested in. It’s kind of difficult for me to decide what its going to look like. I’m sure as you know, with pornography, things are always specifically marketed, people want to see girlongirl, interracial, anal, or any other very specific category, and I think it’s hard for me to decide where I want to focus. People always want to classify your work, they tend to expect certain things, I think I’ve been quite a bit apprehensive about what would be my trademark.

At the moment people tend to give you the label of “black queer cisgender male actor”. What’s your point of view on it? Is it just another classification?
It is. It’s really difficult in the adult industry to get out of the classifications.The sales regulates the market, it’s all about giving the mass what they want. I would love a world without any categories, straights, gays, queers, white, interracial, altogether. I would love to live in a place where people would just experience sexuality in all forms but that’s not the reality. When I first started I thought the term queer would define me, in a way that I’m more interested in the connection I have with my partner, regardless his/her gender. But I don’t think it actually accurately describes me, I don’t think I fit into one or an other category.

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When I think of the term pansexual I think about someone who goes to Burning Man and wears a feather boa around his neck… Where I come from (San Francisco) pansexuals are more like a community I don’t really identify with.

You are the only male actor doing queer porn I know. Who are the others?
There are Danny Wylde, Owen Gray, Wolf Hudson or James Darling. I think that it’s really difficult for men to have a fluid sexuality, to be able to do large spectrum of scenes. There is a very strong stigma for males, it’s easier for females to go back and for from a lesbian scene, a straight scene, a sub scene… I don’t know if it’s only within US, I don’t know how it is internationally.

I would say it’s the same everywhere. There is a kind of taboo around males anal play.
There is definitely a taboo. The notion of letting someone play with a man anus is often associated with homosexuality. In the mainstream idea, if you let someone play with your anus, then you are gay. The concept of masculinity is based on dominance and most dominance is focused on penetration and to have someone penetrating you is seen as losing the dominance.

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You were involved in peggings scenes, shot videos with MtF (male to female) transexuals, and got blowjobs from other men. Would you consider anal sex with a dude on camera?
I’ve considered it. The scenes I did involving anal penetration, even if I really enjoyed, even if it was positive, it did not do enough for me to continue to seek this out. I think in the future, anal penetrations, whether it will be with a real cock or through a strap on, will be more based on who this person is going to be then on the actual act itself.

You talked a lot about your need of connecting with the other, who would you like to work with, and who do you like to work with?
It’s really difficult. I get that question really often. I always enjoy working with Dylan Ryan, she is quite amazing, I actually recently worked with Nikita Bellucci , she is incredible. We had kind of a communication barrier, so we mainly talked about Nine Inch Nail, that was something we could connect on. I love working with Juliette March, but rather than enumerating people, it seems that I just connect very well with people who would do the same thing for free if they had the opportunity. Just because they love sex so much, and are able to articulate what they want. And that’s something that can bring out a good scene, when people are able to say what really turn them on, or off.

You mentioned Nikita Bellucci, who is french, have you ever been to France? What’s your opinion on French porn (movies and actors/actresses)?
I’ve never been to France. I’ve been to Germany, Holland, UK and Spain, but I’d love to go and work in France, and in Europe, just in general. I have worked with Tiffany Doll, it was a gang bang scene, and Angell Summers. In terms of porn star they are the only one I worked with.

You’ve been involved in caningflogging, predicament bondage, and a many other BDSM intense sex play. Have you ever reached your limits on or off camera?
I definitely have, my limits comprise of what companies are able to safely display on adults videos. Even though I’ve done it in my personal life, I don’t do any sort of blood play on camera, I don’t feel comfortable with it. Or sounding. That’s something I tried, but off camera. There is certain types of humiliation play like racial play that I’m not comfortable with. In a general way I explore everything off camera before hand.

Were you part of the BDSM community before starting to work for Kink?
Not really. I’ve friends that were involved and I’ve always been curious, but before starting as a performer, I was not particularly involved.

Some people said that with the success of 50 shades of Grey, BDSM is getting mainstream, what are you thoughts about it?
It has probably created an awareness around it but I don’t think it made it mainstream. I don’t know if it’s ever going to be mainstream, but at least now it’s more acceptable. It’s like a subculture, something people can talk about. The shame stigma which surrounded BDSM tend to disappear, people don’t think anymore that BDSM adepts are deviants or abused when they were younger.

Mickey mod

Do you watch porn? What are your favorite tags?
I do watch porn. The things I watch for my own entertainment tend to be more amateur, homemade. Once you have been on so many sets you are able to see porn through the production lense, and it loses slowly it’s appeal. When I watch homemade things I want to see people who truly enjoy what they do, not because they’ve been paid to do it.

Have you heard about the project Make love Not Porn?
By Cindy Gallop right ? I think it’s fantastic ! I have had conversations with quite a few people about it, and I think the more people are willing to expose themselves, to put themselves out there, the more it will contribute to eradicate some of the stigmas associated with pornography, and the more it will open up a dialogue that will define what people really want. Pornography is mostly males driven fantasy world and this project gives the opportunity to share an other idea of what arouse people sexually. I get personally tired and frustrated when the directors ask me “I want to see you cuming on the girl face” and I think “Oh really ? You want me to do this ? I’ve done it in so many scenes, it’s cliche…” I love to see what people do when they truly enjoy what they do, not because they’ve been asked to do so, or because they are trying to maintain a brand, or because they’ve been paid for it. I want to witness a truly genuine experience, it’s really hard to put it in words. It’s not like saying “I like amateur I like anal I like gang bangs.”

The more you are exposed to it the more difficult is it to find something you really enjoy.

I guess this is exactly why Le Tag Parfait has been created, because some of the things that are arousing can’t be described through one keyword only.
What do you look at when you look at porn?

It’s really hard for me to find porn through tags. I’m more interested in the performers on screen, on the connection between them. Maybe I’m really picky, but I need to be attracted by every actors and actresses on screen.
Yeah I feel the same way. Can I ask you another question? Why did you want to interview me personally?

I’m really into BDSM in my private life, I guess I’m a bit of a switch, I enjoy as much being submitted as I enjoy pegging. But I really struggle to find partners who are ready to explore these territories. And that’s why I’m really fascinated about you, because I would love to find a partner who has the same ability, someone who would not have any taboo. I guess you kind of embody the perfect partner for me * blush really hard*.
Thank you!

I have a last question, you mentioned the fact that for you, sex is like a dance, the connection you have with the other is like being on the same tempo. What are your musical tastes? What kind of music are you listening to these days?
I grew up on punk music, but recently my tastes are really broad and range from Rihanna, The Murder City Devils, Stereolab or Iggy Azalea to metal american metal bands like Tomahawk. I had a point where I was listening to a lot of french pop music from the sixties or the seventies like Françoise Hardy or Serge Gainsbourg.

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