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PornIQ: "We don’t predict the future, we just make sure to move with the trends"

To offer an alternative to the internet porn overgrowth, the PornHub network developed PornIQ. The idea is pretty simple: you choose what kind of thing you want to watch, then a tag, the length of the video, finally a playlist and PornIQ (via PornMD the search engine of PornHub’s network), searches through its database to find something that will satisfy your needs. Actually, PornIQ is another streaming and recommendation service, like Pandora or Songza (which greatly inspired PornIQ and its design). PornIQ is still under development and its users are invited to help. We asked a few question to its creators, see if we could learn a few things about the way PornIQ works.


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PornIQ is the last Pornhub Network’s project, how did you get the idea?
The idea for PornIQ came about as we saw the need to get around the “too much porn” issue many users experience. When landing on an adult website, you’re immediately hit with an incredible amount of content. To some this is great, while to others it’s just a distraction from finding what they really want, and getting down to business. We felt the need to come up with a website that made it easier for users to ultimately get what they want without having to search through tons of what does not interest them.

Did you created PornIQ as an alternative to this, to offer something easier?
That is definitely one of the most important factors. It was all about allowing for a more organized approach to displaying our content, and ultimately to offer a website that’s “different” from what’s currently out there.

How do you decide which videos are going to be in your playlists?
The videos are determined based on an algorithm from the data on our site, which is the largest porn specific search engine. We’re providing our users with playlists based upon the most popular searches in order to confidently implement a playlist of exactly what they are after.

Are you going to add new tags in the PornIQ database?
As PornIQ is still a new site, we’re constantly assessing our current categories, and evaluating the possibility for new ones based on the data. We will definitely be adding more themes, and some of the playlists will be changed as well. Also of note, we’re going to be launching a gay section before the end of the year, which we know will satisfy another segment of our users!

There’s a feedback system on your website, with a vote system. In the end, how do you chose the best ideas?
Hearing from the people who use and love our site is definitely something that’s very important to us. This is manually reviewed by our product team, and the ideas are often kicked around when developing new features. A lot of the time, the suggestions are things we’re already working hard on and provides an element of reassurance when people are asking for them.

Some say PornIQ is just an enhanced, more playful version of PornMD. Will your system adapt to its user’s habits to offer a real curation?
Good question, ultimately that is our end-game, we’d like to be able to offer the user EXACTLY what we know they like. While I understand your reference to PornMD, we believe that PornIQ just gives the users a different view/option, and makes people feel that it is made for them. Both sites are great!

What happens when you click on the thumb up or down on the toolbar?
This is an important aspect for us, we use the ratings to determine the popularity of the playlists which allows us to either prioritize, or replace them with new ones depending on the ratings they’ve received.

With PornIQ, you don’t search for porn anymore, you just pick what you want. So you can’t be lucky and find things you weren’t searching anymore, you can’t really discover new tags. You say you’re trying to fight “1 size fits all” porn, but aren’t you afraid PornIQ’s going to establish a new kind of uniformity?
One thing you must remember is that PornIQ is just one option on our network of sites. Our aim is to be able to satisfy everyone’s needs, which is why some people’s favorite will be pornhub, others will be PornIQ etc. PornIQ is really for those folks who aren’t sure what they want to watch, or what to search for. These people may want the decisions made for them based on what’s most popular. You can always discover new tags because the categories will be ever-evolving.

Is porn on demand the future of porn?
Porn, like the internet, is an ever-evolving industry. We don’t predict the future, we just make sure to move with the trends, and try to revolutionize the industry as best we can. Porn on Demand very well could be the future, and if it is, I promise you we’ll be your best option.

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