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Katsuni: "Would it be a problem if I still enjoy it at 80?"

Katsuni started her career at the end of the golden age of French porn, she quickly managed to deal with it and successfully went to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. She now lives between Los Angeles and Paris, at her convenience. Actress, director, blogger, showgirl, TV host… A decade of embodying porn and seducing. We met her at the Secret Square  for a long interview about the present and future of porn.

After 10 years in the business, what’s your opinion on porn and its evolution?
When I started, it was a transition period for porn, everybody told me that I wasn’t lucky to start in a time of decline. It was the end of the Hot d’or and of major porn stars. At the time, my references were: Tabatha Cash, Laure Sainclair, Julia Channel, Olivia del Rio or Dolly Golden… Only girls with a porn star look and a true personality. It was the beginning of the Clara Morgane era, a new era for porn as well as the coming of “reality TV stars”.

I started in this business because I was a fan, that’s why I felt out of step with this new evolution. It was the DVD market, video tapes were still on sale for 400-500 francs (approx. $80-$100) and sex shops correspond to dubious places, exclusively limited to men. I also witnessed the transformation of traditional porn movies with screenplays into gonzo, I joyfully took part to this evolution because when I went to the US, I played in lots of gonzo movies and it was very positive for my career to come. I saw the crisis emergence with the rapidly developing internet. I’m not criticizing it, I’m just noticing the mutation. Today, we’re in a new cycle, gonzo’s still here but there’s also a softer, more sensitive and feminine porn… I’m still here as well and I still appreciate porn. There’s nothing worse than routine, I’m ok with this evolution.

When you refer to a “softer” porn, are you thinking about Digital Playground which barely shoots any anal scenes for instance?
No, the fact is that their contract girls don’t do anal so much… It’s not in their priorities. They shoot really intense scenes because they have an excellent casting, they have the best porn actors and actresses and also a “cleaner” way of shooting. It has nothing to do with the “pervert” eye of gonzo where you follow the action, move from the penetration to the girl’s face. At DP, they shoot with fixed cameras, the depiction is therefore different, it seems softer because it’s less dynamic. Their porn is a real entertainment, something amusing and funny. It works easily but they take lots of liberties in terms of practice.

You made a noteworthy appearance in Taddei’s TV show, as well as in Ruquier’s one (famous french TV show). We felt that there was a real generation gap between the audience and the different protagonists in the business. We do not accept views on the internet as a scapegoat at Le Tag Parfait.
Indeed I’ve been misunderstood when I took part to Ruquier’s show, we talked about the porn crisis and I said that it was caused by the internet and piracy… It’s not the kind of show where you have time to explain yourself, you’re constantly interrupted, you’re forced to be simplistic, thus many fans reacted strongly. Yes, I have an official website and an income generated by the internet which was not the case in the past. Evolution is inevitable anyway, it’s pointless to be against it. Nothing’s gonna change, internet is a part of our lives now, we have to adapt to the evolution.

The thing it that our generation watches porn without paying for it…
This new generation is educated that way, it doesn’t want to pay. I also have the feeling that it’s typically French. In the US, we have an audience made of fans, it’s in their culture to buy stuff when you like something. When you go to a Lakers game, everybody buys a t-shirt, it’s compulsory. They have this teenager enthusiasm, I see them that way, French people are like old people, they always moan and want everything to be free.

You work for Brazzers – among other companies – what’s your opinion on its buyout by Fabian Thylmann ?
Porn used to be a matter of passionate and enthusiast people, of outsiders, it was wild. Now it’s an industry, you have to make a profit. It’s not a question of moral anymore, porn is no longer provoking or fiendish. Today, a person who controls his/her porn career is more than anything a person who makes money. I’m kind of a baby from the old generation, who has to adapt to the new model.

Is that why you became independent from Digital Playground ?
No, it’s simply because I don’t like getting into a rut. I was honored to have such a contract but sometimes you have to know when it’s time to change.

Even though we grew up with French porn, we have trouble connecting to it nowadays (in terms of comedy, fantasies, codes and references). It’s a little depressing. Where does this feeling come from in your opinion?
There’s two things. Those who direct movies are not the same age so why would they change their methods and ways if they have proved to be successful ? As long as it sells, they would keep doing things the way they always did. The other main issue is the size of the market which is very small, we lack of actors and actresses and there’s not so many directors. Those who are here have their work habits, they have been in the business for a very long time, their “customers” also have a certain age and it’s fine with them. Maybe we need a new wave, a renewal and diversity.

I have a directing project in 2012 for Dorcel, I’m gonna cast people who are not necessarily from the porn industry. We are way too formatted. Even as an actress, when I was shooting gonzo every day, I had a repetitive way to fuck, I was so much into it that I didn’t even realize it at the time. You just end up like those American actresses, you just touch their thighs and they start yelling. They are in a matrix, everybody’s in a matrix, it’s porn-land.

It’s a microcosm, and just like any microcosm, we tend to be self-centered and not evolve. Since we are successful, we just keep on doing the same things, we become lazy. Laziness rules in porn, there’s a lack of talents, it would be good to get some fresh air with people from the outside. No fake but people who really want to do things.

“They are in a matrix, everybody’s in a matrix, it’s porn-land.”

Is the seduction you use in your scenes similar to the one you use on stage when doing a show/performance?
No, it’s different. The true interest of shows is the interaction with the audience. On stage, you act, you overact – just like in theater, with a music, a theme. Of course, I’m also gonna watch members of the audience right in their eyes, in order to create a personal link, but that’s not the main thing.

When I play in a scene, the most important element is my partner, I will also think about those who’ll watch the scene, and that’s gonna turn me on. Actually, a good scene is when I realize that technicians and people on the set are getting hard. There’s different kinds of relations, one with your partner which is the basics, one with the camera and therefore with the virtual spectators and one with the technicians on the set. It’s a total seduction.

You have often played with Manuel Ferrara, he has a fascinating sexuality. He’s clearly on a higher level. What’s his secret? Passion?
He’s on a higher level because he’s unique. He’s sincere and uncompromising, it’s in his nature. He’s gifted in other fields, people only see him through his porn actor status and I’m sure that they have no idea of his intelligence and his human qualities. He’s really made for that, it’s not because of the fact that it’s easy for him to have a hard-on, he just goes beyond the performance. He said, in les Inrocks (french cultural magazine) :

“In action, only the girl counts. You do everything for her. That is love, at this very moment”.

His fuel is the girl’s pleasure, he got it all, only this interaction works successfully.  There’s lot of porn actors or common guys or even girls who fuck in a narcissistic way, they are waiting to get something. They will be efficient because it will point up their virility. He also has this side, he has an ego of course, he enjoys seducing, but he has a real gift, a true generosity and that’s very rare. I don’t know anybody like him.

It even becomes a model/guide for private practices…
It’s an energy. He manages to take the best from girls who sometimes can be not so good in certain scenes, too soft or difficult to work with. They “light up” with him because he has the gift to stimulate them.

What’s « a difficult girl » ?
A girl who doesn’t really like her job, who makes you feel it, who’s demanding and throwing tantrums… Just like in any other jobs, there’s people who are more or less nice to work with, it’s pre-eminently human. There’s girls who would do great scenes, but who are not necessarily nice or interesting when you start talking with them and vice versa.

You are increasingly present in traditional media. Are you about to start a new carreer?
I don’t think so, I was in the news because of the Hot d’Or, then I went back to the US. Indeed I’ve been more “exposed” thanks to MCM (cable french TV channel) and les Inrocks. That’s evolution, it’s always a question of continuity. It’s obvious that I’m called upon to quit playing in porn movies, with age come different challenges, different urges, I’m simply getting old. I’ve always said that I’d stop doing porn when I would no longer enjoy it. I’m still enjoying it, would it be a problem if I still enjoy it at 80 haha? I’ll actually stop when my other activities will prevail on the rest. Doing stuff like my blog, my lingerie brand, my merchandising, that’s continuity.

On your blog hosted by Les Inrocks, there’s a lot of people trolling your comments, they can be very brutal sometimes…
I moderate my blog, I don’t give them this pleasure, it’s as if they had wasted their time. When it deals with insults, I delete comments immediately.  When they attack, even if it’s brutal, I do nothing, they discredit themselves, and that’s interesting. When it’s really rude (e.g. “you deserve to get raped in Thailand”) or totally out of topic, I remove the comments.

How do you react to that ?
Since I write from L.A., I see the comments while waking up. Sometimes it gets on my nerves but it usually gives me strength. The more they attack, the more they make my blog credible.

Isn’t it a little surprising, coming from Les Inrocks readers? 
Attacks are memorable just because they are violent, but they represent nothing in regards to the rest of the visitors. I can understand why some readers, who are more interested in music or traditional movies, don’t like having porn related content under their noses. But it doesn’t matter, it just deals with haters who eventually understand when we explain to them the ins and outs of my blog.

“The more they attack, the more they make my blog credible.”

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years, in Paris or in L.A. ?
I don’t know, definitely not in Paris cause I am not happy here. I’m like a tourist. I love the city, I just can’t live in it. I’m trying to get the best from each place, I don’t know if I’ll still be in L.A. in 5 years, one thing for sure, I won’t be playing in (porn) movies anymore. I might be on the other side of the video camera or probably involved in activities related to writing or radio, maybe in traditional movies, who knows? It doesn’t really matter as long as it fits me and I enjoy it. Maybe I’d be writing for Le Tag Parfait, I’d be your contract girl milf!

Do you keep on watching porn ?
Sometimes. When I’m touching myself, I’ve got pictures in my head, at some point I’ll try to find those pictures in porn scenes. But not that much, these days. One year ago I was watching some scenes on the internet, especially focused on girls. Tags such as #reversecowgirl, #bigtits, that’s enough for me. I watched them in a continuous loop, I’m not hard to please, it’s really like fast food for me, just a picture which will turn me on. It doesn’t affect my libido, it’s purely visual. My true challenge when directing, is precisely to go beyond that, beyond the good looking girl getting fucked, it has to apply your mind.

Your perfect tag ?
I love watching threesomes (1 girl and 2 guys) and big boobs, I’m really into them. It’s very simplistic. The most important thing is a good energy. The one and only dude I love watching and who turns me on is Manuel Ferrara, I even want to say to the directors: “show me more of him!”. He’s inseparable from the girl, it’s enjoyable to watch whereas the average guy’s face is usually kind of a problem. However, when a girl is too “mechanical”, then I lose all interest.

You need to feel that there’s a link with reality?
Yes, I need to feel that the girl’s really excited and that’s a problem cause I know most of them, so I know what’s in their minds. I will immediately see through them… It’s also very difficult to jerk off while watching people you personally know.

Is there any girls who impressed you though ?
Belladonna. No question about it, she’s a jewel. She’s really beautiful, full of energy, tender, always smiling, she’s an angel. I love her extreme side, super hardcore, she even shocks me! Sometimes I think she goes too far. Too far according to what? My values? In the end, I say: why not? How can one define where the limits are? Her limits are very simple, as long as she and the other people involved enjoy what they are doing, then everything’s alright. She’s a free spirit.

Interview by Gonzo. Photos by Louis CanadasKatsuni in on twitter, follow her. Originally translated from this post by GrosMikko.

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