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May 2013: Zacharie



Paris (France)

You’re a photographer, you must have developed an interest for picture quite early. What is the picture which makes the most important impact on you?
Indeed. I’m a photographer, photojournalist to be more precise. Since I was a little boy, I’ve always been attracted to picture. I was more into movies at first and I wanted to become a cameraman, however later I found more interest in photography. This transition happened while I was watching a documentary about a 13 year old girl, Omaira Sanchez, who had been trapped for 3 days and 3 nights between blocks of rubble, almost drowning, following a volcano eruption in Colombia.

A television team and the French photographer Franck Fournier spent the whole time with her. 60 hours of video would have been necessary to transcribe her dignity in the very last moments of her life although just one single picture taken by Fournier managed to touch us forever.

Same question but about porn material this time.

When it comes to porn, it’s hopefully more cheerful! The first picture which left a mark on me was in a French comic book in my dad’s bookcase. It’s entitled “Pervers Pépère” by Gotlib. It deals with little stories about an old perv, with plenty of naked chicks.

What’s the last porn movie you watched?
Frankly speaking, it was a long time ago ! It was the video of Ashlynn Leigh that you post on “Au bon fappeur”.

What are your favorite tags?
My favorite tags are #masturbation #female orgasm and #blowjob. I part ways with so called classic porn more and more, which leads me to something that I also enjoy in my own sexuality and what’s more exciting than a woman coming?

And your perfect tag?
I don’t have any, one’s never satisfied, one’s always look for the next one.

Last actress you saw and fell in love for?
Without hesitation, I’d say Sibel Kekilli and it’s been the same since 2003 ! But one has to know that her porn career ended that particular year, she has moved to traditional movies. And when I saw her on Game of Thrones, and I was very pleasantly surprised!

Your opinion on French porn?
None. I don’t watch that.

What will porn be like in 5-10 years?
I think porn will go back to its roots. When everybody will be fed up with 3 minutes clips of fap material, productions will go back to storytelling. Moreover, I think porn, being available to all and at anytime, should promote prevention.

You’re given unlimited budget to make a porn, what would be the result?
The first 100% feminine POV. (It already exists, if you check some of Bobbi Starr’s works – the author)

We’re getting more and more demands from men about this section, why do you want to become a « Parfait »?
There aren’t many men in this section indeed, I’ve seen only two or three of them. Maybe it’s because of the fear of men to be exposed that way. We’re all tenderhearted chickens after all even though we also have things to say about porn, we aren’t all lustful pervs, or maybe not all the time!

What about your self-portrait? How did it go?
The self-portrait session is a difficult work. I didn’t know precisely how I wanted to be presented, standing up, sitting, from behind, full-face? So many possibilities with just as many difficulties. One morning, I woke up, I put the timer on, I laid in the position I was when I woke up just a few minutes before.

Photo by himself

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